25 July 2024
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The Little Coffee Caravan Lochwinnoch lunch review

on 29 March 2023 0

The Little Coffee Caravan may already be a firm favourite among the locals and passersby, but they’re only just getting started, as Robert and Paul find out…

There’s something uniquely comforting about knowing that come rain or shine, there are places you go where the welcome will always be unmistakably friendly and your needs will be met. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting The Little Coffee Caravan, you’ll know this concept is central to everything they do.

Located just off the A737 in Lochwinnoch, this small but delectable outlet may have begun as a hidden gem, but its profile has grown year-upon-year to the point that they don’t just have a contingent of loyal regulars, but also receive glowing reviews from passersby who’ll return when they’re back in that neck of the woods. 

A family business that’s run by Donna and Richard Payne, the couple – who are celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary this year – initially conceived of the idea to set up in Lochwinnoch after visiting under the auspices of their previous cleaning business. 

Occasionally aided by their son Josh, The Little Coffee Caravan has the ambiance of a quaint family enterprise, but that doesn’t mean that they scrimp on the quality of their produce whatsoever. After setting out with a couple of beautiful decaf lattes that are every bit as invigorating as its robusta counterpart, Donna is delighted to introduce us to some new additions to their food offering. 

The Little Coffee Caravan

The Little Coffee Caravan Full Works Burger

Although the prospect of veggie burgers, fry ups and toasties was very tempting, the allure of one of their newly added omelettes couldn’t be denied. Embellished with mushrooms, jalapeños and onions alongside a healthy dollop of hot sauce that was right up my alley, it’s a dish that is light but filling and, above all else, flavourful. 

While I tucked into that, Paul delved into the ‘Full Works Burger’ which comes with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and gherkin alongside the Dickson-approved addition of jalapeños. Within seconds, he’s savouring every bite while waxing lyrical about its merits and before long, we’re venturing round to peruse the cakes.

The Little Coffee Caravan

Almost immediately, we opt for a delightful vegan chocolate slice and raspberry oaty respectively. But, ever the hostess, Donna wouldn’t let us away without sampling some of the incredible lemon cake that’s lovingly made by her own mother. 

An exciting glimpse into a new era for their business, our experience at The Little Coffee Caravan was both tranquil, tasty and above-all, immensely rewarding. So, the next time that you’re in need of a coffee fix or fancy some food against the backdrop of rolling fields, this is the perfect place. 

You can find The Little Coffee Caravan just off the A737 at the Roadhead Roundabout at Lochwinnoch, Instagram.

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