13 July 2024
  • 13 July 2024

Stafffinders Paisley reveal the importance of body language

on 3 July 2024 0

Employment experts Stafffinders Paisley lift the lid on how positive body language can lead to you getting the job you’re after Positive body language is crucial for job interview success because it plays a significant role in shaping the impression you make on the interviewer and influencing their perception of your suitability for the...

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West College Scotland – start your journey

on 8 May 2023 0

At West College Scotland, an endless array of opportunities awaits at their learning centres in Paisley, Greenock and Clydebank The past few years have been a time of great transition for us all and as a result, many of the people who had realised, upon reflection, that they felt disenchanted by their lives have decided...

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InCube Creative programme

on 4 May 2023 0

Step inside InCube Creative, a programme which helps local people turn their unique skills into thriving businesses It’s one thing to be immensely gifted or to build up a skillset over time, but knowing how to transfer that into the business world is something else entirely. Overseen by Cindy Robb since 2015, InCube’s Creative...

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Castle Semple in Lochwinnoch is a hive of activity

on 24 December 2022 0

Although you may be familiar with the name and its glorious views, we’d bet that you might not know the full extent of what’s on offer at Castle Semple.  Whenever someone says Lochwinnoch, images of the stunning Castle Semple Loch likely materialise in your mind. Formerly known as Castletoun, this estate is so vast...

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Microadventuring in Renfrewshire

on 23 December 2022 0

In light of lockdown, everyone’s looking at familiar locales through a new lens and the world of microadventuring is one way to maximise their potential, right here in Renfrewshire. Between the physical restrictions that emerged for nigh-on two years as a byproduct of the Covid-19 pandemic and the financial burdens that we’re all facing...

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Dates-n-Mates Renfrewshire – creating connections

on 23 December 2022 0

Focused on building tangible connections for those with learning disabilities, take a peek inside Dates-n-Mates Renfrewshire.  Alongside the basic requirements to sustain life such as food and water, one thing that we all need is to feel connected to those around us. But, for a variety of reasons, this can be an uphill battle...

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Disability Resource Centre Renfrewshire

on 13 December 2022 0

Over three decades into its existence, we take a look at the crucial work of The Disability Resource Centre as it reopens its doors. How long has the DRC been a service in Renfrewshire? The Disability Resource Centre has been offering a service to people with long-term conditions, physical or sensory impairments for over...

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Ren Zero campaign is launched by Renfrewshire Council

on 29 September 2022 0

Renfrewshire Council has launched its Ren Zero campaign aiming to bring communities, businesses and the council together to work towards the ambitious aim of net zero emissions in Renfrewshire by 2030. Launching during Scotland’s Climate Week, the Ren Zero campaign forms part of the Council’s leadership approach to provide the support and guidance that...

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Ingliston Country Club & Hotel – making luxury sustainable

on 26 March 2022 0

From polytunnels to innovative plans for the future, Gary Clark from Ingliston Country Club & Hotel outlines how they’re melding hospitality with ecological responsibility.  If you have visited Ingliston Country Club & Hotel, you will know they do not do anything by halves. This is particularly applicable to their sustainability programme, whereby they employ...

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The Gleniffer – the transformation of a Glenburn landmark

on 26 March 2022 2

During a transformative period for Glenburn landmark The Gleniffer, Co-owner Gemma Hanlon talks us through their reimagining of the space as a community hub.  For decades, The Gleniffer has stood as a staple of Paisley that was primarily known for its cheap hotel rooms and affordable function suite. Despite that, there was always a...

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