25 July 2024
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Bangin’ Pizza Johnstone dinner review by Robert Blair

on 31 March 2023 0

Robert and Paul head along to Johnstone’s latest eatery, Bangin’ Pizza, with high expectations and to say they left thrilled (and full) would be an understatement

Derived from what was initially seen as a “peasant food”, pizza has become nothing short of an art form that, when done right, doesn’t just tantalise the taste buds but can tangibly uplift your spirits like no other food can. Although even an average attempt is enjoyable in its own way, a good pizza is something to be cherished and frankly, what’s being served up at Bangin’ Pizza in Johnstone is nothing short of phenomenal.

The latest culinary endeavour from the team behind the constantly busy Café 77 on Glasgow Road is proof that it isn’t just coffee and their eternally rewarding breakfast stacks that they can turn their hand to. In fact, just as they brought a bespoke flavour to Renfrewshire’s café realm that can actively rival anything happening in the big smoke, they’ve achieved that considerable feat once again with Bangin’ Pizza. 

Stylishly decked out and boasting a robust menu that incorporates brunch items alongside their signature dish that adorns their neon sign, it’s abundantly clear that you’re in for a meticulously devised experience from the moment that you sit down at the table.

Seeking to give those who’d normally make a pilgrimage to Paesano or even Civerinos for top quality Neapolitan style pies an option that’s closer to home, it’s academic that once word spreads, people will be descending upon Bangin’ Pizza from all corners of Renfrewshire and beyond. 

Bangin' Pizza

After gearing up for the meal with a refreshing pint of Birra Moretti, I opted for their vegetarian special, The Verdura, which comes complete with the finest San Marzano tomatoes, courgettes, aubergine, mushrooms and rounded off by Friarielli broccoli directly from Naples.

Meanwhile, Paul sprung for the ‘Bangin’ Favourite’, which is topped with Calabrian nduja sausage and roasted red peppers alongside a helping of fresh basil and Pecorino Romano cheese. 

Supplemented by a helping of Cajun and cheesy fries apiece, the experience was nigh-on faultless. From the delicate balance of rustic flavours that they’d accomplished with the toppings through to the welcoming tanginess of their sauce and the perfectly rendered crust, these pizzas are designed to engulf you in feelings of joy and satisfaction and that’s exactly what they do. 

After scuttling home with some incredible Sicilian cannolis to consume at a later date, it was evident that not only has this new establishment hurtled up the rankings of Renfrewshire’s eateries, but could give any pizza place this side of the Amalfi Coast a run for its money.

Bangin’ Pizza, 71 High Street, Johnstone, PA5 8QG, 01505 804833, book your table online.

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