24 June 2024
  • 24 June 2024

Café 77 Barshaw Park lunch review by Robert Blair

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Among the most revered establishments in Renfrewshire, Café 77 Barshaw Park is ready to buck trends and redefine expectations for the town once more with their menu 

When Café 77 Barshaw Park first unassumingly arrived on Glasgow Road, no one could’ve foreseen the impact it would have. In short order, it helped usher in a renaissance for cafés in Paisley, proving that you didn’t need to go up to the city for exquisitely crafted brunch and that artisan coffee experience. 

All this time since it first opened, the fact that there is still such a palpable buzz about this brickwork-laden café with its tasteful art adorning the walls is a testament to its well-earned demand, as well as the quality of the food and drinks on offer. 

Despite the fact they could easily serve up the same food for the next five years without any depletion in footfall, it says everything about the passion of the people who brought this place to life that they have recently unveiled a bustling new menu which, while retaining old favourites, expands on their revered repertoire. 

Café 77 Barshaw Park Café 77 Barshaw Park

From the off, my dining partner – and partner in life – Emma was bowled over by the creamy and aromatic quality of the coffee. Meanwhile, I nursed a San Pelegrino and basked in the inherently cheery ambiance that permeates the place as a go-to for quick catch-ups and overdue reunions. 

Soon, its attentive staff brought us our food and we were delighted with what descended upon us. Emma had the aptly named Brioche beauty, complete with cheesy scrambled eggs with chives, potato scone, chorizo, rocket and a side of salt and chilli hash browns.

Café 77 Barshaw Park

As a firm believer that anything which has an additional potato scone on top elevates the food to ‘god tier’, she was absolutely thrilled with what was on offer. Complete with a tangy spicy mayo, she made short work of it. Plus, the ardent dog lover that she is meant that she was very enamoured with the polaroid wall of furry friends. 

As for me, I had the pepper pesto grilled sandwich complete with sundried tomato and mozzarella accompanied by their newly devised salt and chili chips. 

Delivered on sourdough courtesy of the renowned Glasgow-based Freedom Bakery, this is a sandwich that you’d be delighted with whether you were in Paisley or perched on a sidestreet café in Roma. As for the salt and chilli chips, they provided a delicate balance of flavours that while potent, never threatened to overwhelm. 

 Rounding out the trip off with a touch of delicate decadence in the shape of pistachio and lemon cannoli, our trip confirmed for me that this was one of the finest eateries our town has to offer. As for new convert Emma, she was already working out when we stop by again the next time we were in that neck of the woods. 

To find out more about Café 77 Barshaw Park or peruse their new menu visit them on Instagram @cafe77_barshaw_park or book your table direct via the website

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