25 May 2022
  • 25 May 2022

Paisley Music Roundup 03 by Tommy McGrory

on 19 May 2022 0

Welcome to Tommy McGrory’s Paisley Music Roundup 03, looking ahead at gigs in the town from Friday. On Friday, The Bungalow has The Machine Rages On playing for the first time. They are the UK’s No.1 Rage Against the Machine Tribute. The set list includes all the classic Rage Against the Machine songs from their...

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Subtopian Planning Board – The Musician’s Mindset part 1

on 17 May 2022 0

In the first of an ongoing series of Q&A’s with burgeoning talent from around Renfrewshire, Jennifer Leitch and Daniel Esteban of Subtopian Planning Board talk us through what makes them tick as both an artist and a listener. What inspired you to pursue a life in music? Jennifer: My mum and dad gave me...

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Paisley Music Roundup 02 by Tommy McGrory

on 12 May 2022 0

Welcome to Tommy McGrory’s Paisley Music Roundup 02, looking ahead at gigs in the town from Friday. Killer Instinct is back at The Bungalow again on Friday after a great gig last time round. The band’s attention to detail which includes The Killers own famous ‘K’ keyboard stand makes the show and features authentic...

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Washington – The Sound of Renfrewshire

on 26 April 2022 0

Possessing a hypnotic and immersive sound, Paisley-based rapper Washington takes us inside his unique sonic world.  What sparked your initial interest in music? When I was in Zimbabwe, I went to a boarding school. It was a school where you couldn’t even speak in class, but we were in the choir and that was...

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Paisley Music Roundup 01 by Tommy McGrory

on 13 April 2022 0

Welcome to Tommy McGrory’s Paisley Music Roundup 01, looking ahead at gigs in the town from Friday. The Bungalow are having a 60s pop and rock night on Friday. On the two-band bill is Poppermost, a rock ‘n’ roll live trio with special guests Hot Banana. Relive the golden age of flower power, protest...

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Ghostbaby – Watch My Teeth Explode track review

on 8 April 2022 0

Mya Brown reviews the brand new track from Paisley’s Ghostbaby – Watch My Teeth Explode which was released on 1st April 2022. Here at Mill Magazine, we’re all for the weird and wonderful, new sights and sounds are what make us. With our ears to the ground and toward the stage, it’s fair to say...

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The Gateway Clash – hitting the right note

on 27 March 2022 0

Fresh from launching a compilation to raise funds for the Paisley-based autism and learning disabilities centre, The Gateway’s Dan Drennan talks about the album and what music means to the service.  At Renfrewshire’s The Gateway, music is not inconsequential. For this award-winning service, the artform is among one of the many things that they...

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The Sound of Renfrewshire

on 27 February 2022 0

In a special bumper edition of “The Sound of Renfrewshire”, we spotlight a handful of the figures who’ve proved that our music scene has flourished in the face of adversity.  It’s no exaggeration to say that over the past year and a half, the world of music has been cast asunder. Through a combination...

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Celtic Music Radio start broadcasting from studios at Braehead

on 4 February 2022 0

Celtic Music Radio has now started broadcasting their wide range of traditional and contemporary folk, roots, Americana and world music programmes from a new home at the popular Renfrewshire shopping mall. It’s thought that this is the first time in the UK a radio station will be broadcasting from a shopping centre. And thanks...

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