25 May 2022
  • 25 May 2022

Be guid tae yer Mammy by Emma Grae – book review

on 1 November 2021 0

Be guid tae yer Mammy by Emma Grae, reviewed by Keira Brown, Renfrewshire Writers Forum Coordinator. From journalist and fiction writer, Emma Grae, comes this moral tale of legacy, family values, relationships and secrets that are intrinsic to many families. Be guid tae yer Mammy, published by Unbound, is a life-affirming tale set in Glasgow, and...

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Princey the dog wags his tale after author inspired by grandson

on 26 August 2021 0

A toddler grandson has been the inspiration behind a new children’s book launched this week. Former newspaper editor, Norman Macdonald used to make up bedtime stories about his grandparents’ dog, called Princey that he would tell his children when they were young. And after his daughter, Layna became a mum almost two years ago,...

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Book Review: Shuggie Bain by Douglas Stuart

on 1 July 2021 0

Shuggie Bain by Douglas Stuart, reviewed by Keira Brown, co-producer of the Paisley Book Festival. Shuggie Bain, the Booker Prize-winning novel from Douglas Stuart, is a well-crafted joy of a read that embeds characters in your mind that prove almost impossible to shake. All the while, managing to convey the energy of areas of Glasgow...

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Lochwinnoch history and legends brought to life

on 18 June 2021 0

A collection of short stories inspired by the Lochwinnoch countryside have launched online this week, thanks to funding received from Renfrewshire Council. Tales from Ochwinnay, created by local authors Lyn McNicol and Laura Jackson, was designed to provide a free story-telling resource for children across Renfrewshire, helping to nurture reading skills during a time...

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Book Review: Scabby Queen by Kirstin Innes

on 10 February 2021 0

Reviewed by Keira Brown, co-producer of the Paisley Book Festival After winning Not The Booker Prize with Fishnet in 2015, Lochwinnoch-based Kirstin Innes has exceeded the anticipation surrounding her new novel, Scabby Queen, In fact, five years later, she’s delivered an even better novel than her protagonist, Clio Campbell, does an album in this...

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Book Review: Mayflies by Andrew O’Hagan

on 13 January 2021 0

Reviewed by Keira Brown, co-producer of the Paisley Book Festival Andrew O’Hagan has done it again. Ever since reading The Illuminations, I have noted this author’s ability to revolve novels around sensitive subjects. Anchored by a succinct voice and wonderful characterisation, he does so marvellously in Mayflies. It’s Summer 1986 in the west coast...

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Book Review: Resist: Stories of Uprising edited by Ra Page

on 1 March 2020 0

Reviewed by Keira Brown, co-producer of the Paisley Book Festival At a time in society where political demos and protests are rife, Comma Press’ anthology Resist is a significant historical read, considering mass strikes and resistance since the times of Boudica to the neglectful incident of the Grenfell Tower. With fictionalised accounts from Kamila...

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