15 August 2022
  • 15 August 2022

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Coffee Jam – Renfrew’s brilliant new café

by on 5 May 2022 0
Armed with high expectations and even larger appetites, the team head to Renfrew’s Coffee Jam for an incredibly tasty afternoon.   There’s something to be said for knowing your craft inside out. As when you do, your goals will be obtained at an even faster pace. In the case of Coffee Jam owner Jamie... Read More

Scoff & Patter in Dargavel lunch review

by on 27 March 2022 0
After seeing plenty of social media fanfare, Mill’s core team headed to Dargavel’s widely renowned eatery, Scoff & Patter, and they certainly weren’t disappointed.  Since opening its doors in October 2019, Scoff & Patter has wasted little time in ingratiating themselves into the hearts and stomachs of both nearby residents and those who’ve come... Read More

Bianco e Nero lunch review

by on 10 February 2021 0
After first visiting years ago, our editor Robert Blair was delighted to find out that Bianco e Nero has only gone from strength to strength.  Since opening it doors as the town’s regeneration was kicking into high gear, Bianco e Nero quickly asserted itself as one of the finest lunchtime eateries that Paisley has... Read More

Johnstone Coffee Co lunch review

by on 1 November 2020 0
With enthusiasm and expertise to spare, Robert and Paul are left bowled over by their lunch trip to Johnstone Coffee Co. When you think about what takes a locale and transforms it into an institution, there’s a persisting idea that tenure is the guiding principle. Yet for every rule, there are exceptions to justify... Read More

Lunch at Cairn

by on 1 March 2020 0
Amid a sea of glowing recommendations, Robert Blair heads to Kilmacolm to see what all the fuss is about. Believe the hype.  There are some places that instantly imbue you with positive energy as you cross the threshold. When striding into Kilmacolm’s fastest-rising eatery of Cairn, there’s an innate sense that some previously unidentifiable... Read More

Lunch at Taste Buds

by on 1 September 2019 0
If you’re in the market for friendly ambiance and a hearty lunch, Paisley’s Taste Buds is for you. Editor Robert Blair pays a visit.  Situated on Lawn Street, Taste Buds is a true gem of a café. Embedded into the fabric of their community, their exuberant staff have gone above and beyond to get... Read More

Lunch at Papamacs Gourmet Kitchen

by on 1 May 2019 0
Affordable fine dining is the order of the day at this highly impressive family-owned restaurant in Johnstone. Paul Whitelaw finds himself spoiled for choice. The range of food on offer at Papamacs Gourmet Kitchen is quite something to behold. I’m not just talking about the sheer variety of meals, snacks and desserts to choose... Read More

Lunch at The Farm at No. 12

by on 1 March 2019 0
Our famished editor treats himself to a mouth-watering spot of lunch at this converted farmhouse oasis. I’ll stick my neck out and wager that The Farm at No. 12 is the only café in Renfrewshire with an adorable menagerie of alpacas, micro-pigs and mini-ponies as neighbours. Just a short drive from the centre of Paisley,... Read More

Lunch at Woodlands

by on 1 November 2018 0
In need of some warmth and sustenance as the days grow shorter? Our editor finds the ideal daytime retreat. Situated just outside Paisley town centre, a mere ten-minute walk from Gilmour Street station, this convivial eatery deserves to be more than a popular secret.  It’s an aromatic oasis of speciality teas, coffees, cakes and... Read More