20 July 2024
  • 20 July 2024

Specsavers in Paisley gets a modern makeover

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As the store continues to reside at the heart of the local area, the team at Specsavers in Paisley have invested in an overhaul that’s already enhancing the customer experience

If you’re an avid reader of Mill, the exemplary ethos of the team at Specsavers Paisley is something you’ll be familiar with. Over the years since franchise owners Gail Thompson and Amy Chotai took the reins, it has become a real hub that takes in not only their own clientele, but NHS appointments too. 

Recently, they’ve invested £60,000 in their Moss Street premises and make no mistake, the change isn’t just for aesthetic purposes. Rather than just switching the interior from green to white, everything they’ve done has been designed to benefit those coming into the store. 

“Everything is illuminated,” explained Gail and Amy, “there’s now light on all the frames and shelves as well as new furniture. Immediately, we got some amazing customer feedback. They basically told us that they love it and as well as being a lot brighter, it helps everyone who comes in to see what’s on offer and making that experience a lot clearer was important to us. 

“We just think it’s more professional,” they continued, “it really lets the products shine and the new design allows for a lot of natural light to come in too. Plus, the prices are there for all to see, so that helps to make the process much simpler.” 

Specsavers in Paisley

Photo by David Warren

As opposed to just being a quick lick of paint, the passion of the owners, as well as their dedicated staff, has meant that this symbolises much more for the stores. In fact, it is part of what they see as the “continual journey” of the store and the growth of their services. 

“Already, it’s contributed to an uptake and growth in customers using us because it’s so much more visible. We’re like a beacon now, you can’t miss us,” Gail humorously explained. “Our database has grown and as for the NHS side of things, we’re still taking on every emergency appointment. We triage every single one. 

“There’s also been a big advancement in our audiology services and we have a clinic every single day,” Amy explained. “Plus, we offer wax removal and the demand for that is skyrocketing as GP’s just don’t do it anymore. Then on the optometry side of things, more people are now coming for an OCT scan and I think that comes down to us just getting better at letting people know it’s there.” 

“Every day is different,” Gail concluded. “Unlike most opticians, we’re open from 8am-6:30pm because those hours work for our customers. Basically, we’re all about serving the community.”

Specsavers, 5 Moss Street, Paisley, PA1 1BG, 0141 848 9192, visit the website.

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