21 June 2024
  • 21 June 2024

Familia Coffee Shop Renfrew lunch review

on 29 December 2023 0

Familia Coffee Shop – one of Renfrew’s newest eateries – were sure to make our core team of Robert and Paul feel right at home

If a café can evoke the same feelings of comfort that you can get from being in the residence of a loved one, then that’s half the battle. As when you can feel that sense of being unreservedly welcome emanating from the staff, it’s certainly an ambience that you’re going to be eager to return to.

The other part of the equation is that the good vibes translate to their food and drink offerings because once that domino falls into place, then you’re fully equipped to occupy a much-cherished spot in your community. 

The sister restaurant of Paton’s Place in Bowling, Familia’s origins came after the co-owner Nicola’s parents sadly passed away. Equipped with a lengthy history of working in the industry, she decided it was time to exact her own vision and did so with a name taken directly from her dear old dad’s vocabulary.

As such, Familia – which comes equipped with a gift shop and florist – is a living, breathing tribute to her late parents, Billy and Betty, with their initials actually embedded into the logo. 

Imbued with a vibrant decor and setting out with an extensive menu, we quickly learned that the chefs have wasted little time getting to grips with it. In truth, the whole operation was so well-oiled that you’d be forgiven for thinking that they’d been there for years. 

Immediately, the freshness of what’s on offer stands out by the time that I’m delving into an avocado and roasted vegetable panini. Accompanied by crisps and a beautiful pico de gallo salsa that provides an unmistakable depth of flavour, it was precisely the kind of thing that a vegetarian always hopes to see on a menu as it is clear that it was no afterthought, but has been expertly crafted. 

As for Paul, his shredded pesto chicken and chorizo salad with balsamic glaze provided both taste in abundance and a heartiness that you don’t normally associate with a dish like that. For Mr Dickson, the biggest revelation of the day was how seamlessly the strawberries within the salad fit into the equation. 

Rounded off with some cake as supplied by the locally produced Fairfull’s Fab Fancies, the ‘McDreamy’ and white chocolate millionaire’s shortbread were the perfect way to round off what was an extremely rewarding afternoon outing. 

When the staff at Familia say they want you to enjoy what they place in front of you, you sense that they really mean it and that is one of the many reasons why we believe that this lovingly curated café has plenty of staying power. 

Familia Coffee Shop, 105 Newmains Road, Renfrew, PA4 0DD, 0141 237 0202, Facebook page.

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