27 May 2024
  • 27 May 2024

The Deceit: A poem by Bobby Motherwell

on 22 April 2024 0

The Deceit by Bobby Motherwell They rise from the scrapes like windblown leaves, a deceit of sixty plus Lapwings. From white to black they flicker in flight. Pages of flip art motion. Escapees against a smothering sky. They mesmerise. Daring me to distraction to Goosander and Widgeon and Great Crested Grebe bobbing nearby. Spiralling...

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The Big Fish of Galilee – a poem by Ross McWhinnie

on 10 December 2023 0

The Big Fish of Galilee – a poem by Ross McWhinnie Spare a thought for people lost between the lines, unmarked on the Bible page gauged unworthy to make that great geography of names and shames that frame the stories kept. Think a moment on the ferment felt by Lazarus’ undertaker, robbed of his...

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Both Ends Against the Middle – a poem by Mairi Murphy

on 1 November 2023 0

Both Ends Against the Middle by Mairi Murphy Mothers knit the streets together: picking up dropped stitches of the careworn darning tears, dispensing gallus compassion, doling out rampant favouritism – cheeky bisoms shouting the odds, one slap fits all. Everyone named, everyone known, doors open, falling out, falling in, swinging lampposts, chalking beds, deliberate...

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Oak Tree Writers poem – The Best Shop in Paisley

on 24 November 2022 0

The Best Shop in Paisley, written by The Oak Tree Writers Club (ages 12+), Aaron McWilliams, Emily Head, Leo Whaley, Murray McGeoch & Sophie Watt. Paisley, full of wonderful shops, But one stands out from all the rest. Some others think they’re better, But this one is the best. I love all of the cakes,...

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The Mystery of Ward 18 – a poem by Rosalinda Millar

on 24 October 2022 0

The Mystery of Ward 18 by Rosalinda Millar The lights were dimmed As sister made her round Drowsy patients safely snuggled down Beyond the window with gentle sighs The whispering wind sang a lullaby. Gently, gently, the door clicked shut Then Sister stiffened – What! Oh Mercy! what is that? A rumbling grumbling thunderous...

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Mammy Roon thi Firepit by Michael Mullen

on 3 October 2022 0

Mammy Roon thi Firepit by Michael Mullen During the days of lockdown I was going through a drought of inspiration. My neighbour was barbecuing for her whole family and it was something so simple yet very powerful. I wanted to create an ode to something as mundane and beautiful as a Mother and her...

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Passionate Paisley a poem by Elizabeth Van Dyke

on 27 March 2022 0

Passionate Paisley by Elizabeth Van Dyke There’s a place far away I hope to get there one day Where the streets glisten in the pouring rain From the Lowlands to the Gleniffer Braes The River Cart in all her glory Ancient castles rewind their stories The Buskers, Arts and Town Centre Piazza, pubs, bistros, the...

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Delicatessen: a poem by Jacqueline Jay Wilde

on 9 January 2022 0

Delicatessen by Jacqueline Jay Wilde Because you were smoking We stopped at the door And peered into a cavern Clustered with salami stalactites. The curve of the glass counter Gleamed in the half light, Mirrored shelves and shelves Of Italianate tins and jars And bottles and boxes Stuffed with exotic morsels. The scent of...

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Through a Child’s Eyes

on 12 May 2021 0

By Karen Porter Wild winds of wonder crashing sounds of thunder leaves falling from trees the buzzing sounds of bees Picking flowers in the garden watching water freeze and harden raindrops and snow flakes all the sounds animals make Funny faces and silly sounds that’s where laughter is found dark and shadows are intimidating...

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