25 June 2024
  • 25 June 2024


Abbey Books celebrates 40 years in Paisley

on 19 June 2024 0

The beloved Abbey Books is still going strong four decades into its existence, we find out more from shop manager Brian Hannan The phrase hidden gem is bandied about a lot in popular culture. It can be applicable to anything from a deep cut on a record to a little eatery that’s flown under...

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Christopher Nolan author chooses Abbey Books Paisley

on 16 June 2024 0

Christopher Priest, the author who is best-known for providing the source novel for The Prestige by Christopher Nolan donates 2,000 books Abbey Books manager Brian Hannan was astonished to see a giant delivery truck draw up outside the premises in Wellmeadow Street last week. He was even more surprised when the contents were unloaded....

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The Deceit: A poem by Bobby Motherwell

on 22 April 2024 0

The Deceit by Bobby Motherwell They rise from the scrapes like windblown leaves, a deceit of sixty plus Lapwings. From white to black they flicker in flight. Pages of flip art motion. Escapees against a smothering sky. They mesmerise. Daring me to distraction to Goosander and Widgeon and Great Crested Grebe bobbing nearby. Spiralling...

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Thomas Barbour: Paisley Popular Poet

on 21 April 2024 0

Brian Hannan, local author and manager of Abbey Books in Paisley, takes a look at the work of Paisley’s Thomas Barbour Thomas Barbour achieved local fame in unusual fashion. His poems were exclusively published during his lifetime by the Paisley Daily Express. And he wasn’t living in Paisley at the time, so his works...

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Future Paisley: creating culture for change

on 9 April 2024 0

At a time of exciting transition for the region, Future Paisley are positioning themselves at the forefront of innovation and growth You might not have heard of Future Paisley, but it’s likely you’ve come across an event, community project or service that’s been supported by it. The partnership programme, led by Renfrewshire Council, has...

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The Renfrewshire Election Scandal of 1874

on 1 April 2024 0

Brian Hannan from Abbey Books in Paisley reveals The Renfrewshire Election Scandal of 1874 thanks to a legal volume donated to the shop I wouldn’t be aware that Renfrewshire had an unsavoury anniversary to celebrate in March 2024 had it not been for the donation – in pristine condition I might add – of...

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Sculpture House: connecting art and social inclusion

on 22 March 2024 0

The brainchild of three like minded artists, take a literal and ideological tour through the Future Paisley-backed Sculpture House Project in Ferguslie Reclaiming disused spaces and turning them into something fruitful is something that’s high on the agenda of every municipal body these days. Governed by the idea that it is socially irresponsible to...

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MrdB: The Sound of Renfrewshire

on 21 March 2024 0

Following a relentless schedule of gigs in 2023, MrdB have no intention of taking their foot off the gas this year either  How did MrdB come about?  Billy Kinnear: My daughters always try to guess how many bands I’ve been in over the years and I’ve played everything over the years (laughs). After I...

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