20 July 2024
  • 20 July 2024

The Trust Inn Kilbarchan dinner review by Suzanne Oswald

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Our resident food reviewer Suzanne Oswald heads to The Trust Inn, Kilbarchan, to enjoy the stellar cuisine on offer

Some pubs offer more than a cold rejuvenating pint at the end of the working week; the best of them become pillars of their local community. Breeding a sense of warmth and familiarity, these places conjure an atmosphere that allows you to unwind and relax – safe in the knowledge that you’re in good hands for the duration of your stay. 

That is very much the case of The Trust Inn – a pub that is seemingly embedded in the very fabric of its community. Over 100 years old, it’s a rustic listed building situated on the main street of Kilbarchan – the kind of place where everyone seems to be a regular, but without that accompanying sense of unwelcomeness.

In fact, as soon as you walk into the Trust Inn, you’re made to feel right at home. Boasting huge plush booths and traditional pub décor, it has the kind of warm, cosy atmosphere that affirms its hub-like status for locals – whether it’s for a catch-up with friends, family get-togethers, the weekly pub quiz or their popular live music offering at the weekend. 

The Trust Inn

Photo by Thomas Elliott

On this occasion, we were invited along to try out the new menu courtesy of head chef Louise. With the aim of rejuvenating the traditional pub classics and putting her own stamp on proceedings, she’s introduced flavours from Japan, India and other far-flung locales with great aplomb – the result being a refreshing and wholly enticing menu that transcends simple ‘pub grub’. 

Of course, the old classics are very much present and correct – you can still tuck into an indulgent plate of fish and chips, steak and Guinness pie or mac and cheese if the notion takes you. However, after a warm welcome from Heather behind the bar, our eyes were instantly drawn to the new additions.

On Heather’s advice, I opted for a plate of the karaage sticky chicken to start as, like most people, I am powerless in the face of a juicy chicken thigh tossed in a soy-based marinade, seasoned with cornflour and deep fried. It was crispy, salty, tender and packed with flavour, which I’m sure we can all agree is a rewarding start to any meal. 

The Trust Inn

Photo by Thomas Elliott

Keeping in line with the Japanese theme, our main courses arrived swiftly after; I opted for the half rack of teriyaki ribs and a portion of Cajun fries, while Jillian chose the popular katsu curry. After that decadent starter, the half rack proved a sensible decision – smaller in size but no less generous in flavour, the ribs were lathered in a sticky, sweet, tangy sauce that proved more addictive with each bite, while the Cajun chips provided the perfectly salty, smoky accompaniment. 

Jillian was equally delighted with her katsu curry. Meticulously presented on the plate, it tasted every bit as good as it looked. Now a staple on many menus across the UK, Jillian, as a katsu connoisseur, was quick to highlight its many merits – particularly its rich, warmly spiced sauce, lightly sweetened with coconut. 

With both plates well and truly demolished, Jillian was keen to satisfy her sweet tooth so a portion of chocolate fudge brownie followed. Coaxed into a second spoon, I was pleasantly surprised by the lightness of the brownie – the warm, rich chocolate accompanied by a scoop of vanilla and sticky toffee sauce. 

So, whether you’re in the mood for a full sit-down dinner or a couple of small plates to accompany a few drinks, The Trust Inn has you covered. Of course, the notion that you have to go to a stuffy restaurant for a high-quality meal is very much a thing of the past – a point we’ve proved in many of our own dinner reviews.

Now, head chef Louise at The Trust Inn is happily putting that to the test – elevating the pub dining experience with modern flavours and refined plates, all at an affordable price. 

Such is the popularity of the new menu, we’re told the next step may be to get more tables in to accommodate the growing swell of visitors. With friendly staff, a welcoming atmosphere and delicious food to match, they’ve certainly given us plenty of reasons to return. 

The Trust Inn, 8 Low Barholm, Kilbarchan, PA10 2ET, 01505 702401. Find on Facebook.

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