21 June 2024
  • 21 June 2024

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Café 77 Barshaw Park lunch review by Robert Blair

by on 30 May 2024 0
Among the most revered establishments in Renfrewshire, Café 77 Barshaw Park is ready to buck trends and redefine expectations for the town once more with their menu  When Café 77 Barshaw Park first unassumingly arrived on Glasgow Road, no one could’ve foreseen the impact it would have. In short order, it helped usher in... Read More

Fruit + Herbs Soulfood Café Renfrew lunch review

by on 11 April 2024 0
Conjuring up sumptuous food that’s good for both the waistline and the wallet, Paul and Robert head to a fast-growing Fruit + Herbs Soulfood Café Where many cafés are born without any clear ethos, The Fruit + Herbs Soulfood Café was born with the intention of providing healthier alternatives that didn’t compromise on taste.... Read More

Familia Coffee Shop Renfrew lunch review

by on 29 December 2023 0
Familia Coffee Shop – one of Renfrew’s newest eateries – were sure to make our core team of Robert and Paul feel right at home If a café can evoke the same feelings of comfort that you can get from being in the residence of a loved one, then that’s half the battle. As... Read More

Roma To Stay Linwood dinner review by Suzanne Oswald

by on 27 December 2023 0
Suzanne Oswald takes a trip to Italian restaurant Roma To Stay, a Linwood favourite to sit-in or take away It’s fair to say that the west of Scotland is not short of Italian restaurants – from fish and chip shops to gelaterias and much-loved family-owned establishments. It’s an affiliation that dates back to the... Read More

May’s Coffee Shop Bishopton lunch review

by on 14 December 2023 0
Robert Blair and Paul Dickson venture out to Bishopton for a wholesome and hearty afternoon at May’s Coffee Shop That is the precise atmosphere that’ll envelope you the minute that you walk into May’s Coffee Shop. Well-intentioned and unpretentious in both service and its food, their tight knit team isn’t only very welcoming, but... Read More

Glasgow, The Clyde and Slavery by D. Pettigrew book review

by on 28 October 2023 0
Brian Hannan, local author and manager of Abbey Books in Paisley, reviews Glasgow, The Clyde and Slavery by D. Pettigrew Britain was officially involved in the slave trade for 170 years, from Charles II granting a charter in 1663 until the Slave Abolition Act of 1833. It’s estimated that during that period British ships... Read More

Aleo Café in Johnstone lunch review

by on 30 July 2023 0
Our core team take a trip to Aleo Café, one of Johnstone’s unsung eateries for an immensely satisfying afternoon  No-one supports a local business quite like the Johnstone faithful. Whether it’s a pub, gym, bingo hall or café, it’s a place that has proven itself to be predisposed to uplifting the enterprises in their... Read More

Bangin’ Pizza Johnstone dinner review by Robert Blair

by on 31 March 2023 0
Robert and Paul head along to Johnstone’s latest eatery, Bangin’ Pizza, with high expectations and to say they left thrilled (and full) would be an understatement Derived from what was initially seen as a “peasant food”, pizza has become nothing short of an art form that, when done right, doesn’t just tantalise the taste... Read More

The Little Coffee Caravan Lochwinnoch lunch review

by on 29 March 2023 0
The Little Coffee Caravan may already be a firm favourite among the locals and passersby, but they’re only just getting started, as Robert and Paul find out… There’s something uniquely comforting about knowing that come rain or shine, there are places you go where the welcome will always be unmistakably friendly and your needs... Read More