25 May 2022
  • 25 May 2022

Paisley memories become part of A-listed town hall’s legacy

on 10 September 2021 0

A time capsule containing memories of life in Paisley has been placed inside the foundations of Paisley Town Hall during the £22m transformation into a landmark entertainment venue for the west of Scotland. The striking Victorian-era town hall – part of the legacy of Paisley’s proud past at the centre of the world’s textile...

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The Life and Times of Jane Arthur – Making National History part 2

on 13 August 2021 0

The second article that looks back upon some of Renfrewshire’s pioneering figures that helped to mould our area into the prosperous and forward-thinking community that it is, artist and heritage consultant Lil Brookes guides us through the revolutionary and civic duty-led life of Jane Arthur as she becomes the first woman in Scotland to...

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Paisley Cross 1868 by James Elder Christie

on 14 June 2021 0

Social historian Lil Brookes reveals her thoughts on the painting, Paisley Cross 1868. This painting is one I’ve known and loved for many years and was prominently displayed until Paisley Museum & Art Galleries closed for refurbishment. I find it fascinating as it seeks I think to tell many stories about Paisley. The setting of...

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From Kashmir to Renfrewshire

on 1 September 2019 0

Dress and Textiles History Scholar Lucy McConnell transports us back to the heyday of textile production in Renfrewshire at the time of the Paisley shawl. Recognised for its level of production and the quality of industrial output, Renfrewshire was a major manufacturer of textiles across numerous decades. As woven textile production spread throughout the...

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Uncovering Lost Renfrewshire

on 1 July 2019 0

Go deeper underground in the company of urban historian Stephen Clancy, as he takes us on a fascinating journey through time.  The hidden gems of Renfrewshire’s past are mostly hidden beneath our feet, never to be seen again. However, in some cases such as Paisley Abbey’s magnificent Medieval Drain, currently under excavation once again,...

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Sma’ Wonders in Shuttle Street

on 1 May 2019 0

The Sma’ Shot Cottages in Paisley are one of the town’s most cherished tourist attractions. Stepping back in time is easy when you have free access to the beautifully preserved likes of the Sma’ Shot Cottages.  Originally built in the 1740s, the weaver’s cottage on Shuttle Street has been painstakingly restored to how it...

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Renfrew Town Hall

on 1 March 2019 0

The rich and varied history of Renfrew is brought to life inside one of its oldest buildings. When Renfrew Town Hall was fully refurbished in 2012, the idea was to preserve the building as an historic landmark while opening up its facilities for local residents and visitors. That plan was a success, as these...

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The Paisley Snail

on 1 November 2018 0

A new statue in Paisley pays tribute to a woman who changed the course of legal history. We spoke to the artist behind it. On 26 August 1928, May Donoghue, a working-class single parent from Glasgow, visited a café in Paisley. The ginger beer she bought that day eventually led to the foundation of...

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