23 October 2021
  • 23 October 2021

Food & Drink

Piccolo Mondo dinner review by Renfrewshire Foodies

by on 7 October 2021 0

After being deprived of the simple pleasure of dining out for months, Renfrewshire Foodies had an excellent reintroduction at a local stalwart. With restaurants and venues starting to reopen again, it’s more important than ever to continue to show support for our local independent businesses as they begin to bring staff back into work...

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Lunch at The Ladyburn

by on 10 August 2021 0

A new centrepiece for Seedhill, our editor takes a trip to a bistro with both style and substance.  When people talk about the ongoing re-energising of Paisley as a hotbed of culture and cuisine, there’s a tendency to point to the town’s main thoroughfares as the places where the boat is being resoundingly pushed...

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Meat in the Middle Paisley

by on 2 June 2021 0

Get to know the guys behind Meat in the Middle Paisley… we speak to Kevin in this enlightening Q&A: It’s fair to say the opening a premium burger restaurant is a new venture for you, what were both of you doing career-wise before MITM and where did the inspiration come from? “I spent the...

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Caffeine Buzz! What’s Your Coffee?

by on 12 May 2021 0

Do you know your cappuccinos from your lattes? If not, then never fear as coffee artisan Katie Sutherland is here to guide your trembling hand. Coffee is the drink that fuels the working world and gets the sleep-deprived through another day. As the growing coffee scene in Renfrewshire shows, it’s fast becoming one of...

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Juniper Bar & Restaurant drinks review

by on 11 February 2021 0

Faced with an expansive and affordable cocktail menu, Robert Blair expands his horizons at Juniper Bar & Restaurant. Let’s make one thing clear from the outset. Generally speaking, I wouldn’t say that I’m a gin drinker. Although it’s not something that I dislike, I’d have described myself as an agnostic when it comes to...

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Family Style Dining at Carriages

by on 11 February 2021 0

As we reemerge from lockdown, Renfrewshire Foodies enjoy an afternoon of familial joy at Kilmacolm’s Carriages. There’s no doubt about it, the last six months have been hard on everyone. Simple pleasures such as meeting up with your family have been out the window, leaving us to try to make sense of the world...

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Lunch at Bianco e Nero

by on 10 February 2021 0

After first visiting years ago, our editor Robert Blair was delighted to find out that Bianco e Nero has only gone from strength to strength.  Since opening it doors as the town’s regeneration was kicking into high gear, Bianco e Nero quickly asserted itself as one of the finest lunchtime eateries that Paisley has...

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Dinner at Multan Tandoori

by on 9 December 2020 0

Renfrewshire Foodies decamp to one of Paisley’s hidden gems for some exquisite Indian cuisine. Firstly, Multan Tandoori isn’t somewhere you happen to fall into. Although not far from the main thoroughfare of Paisley and easily walkable from Gilmour Street station, you really need to be clued up to come here. You’ll find it safely...

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Johnstone Coffee Co lunch review

by on 1 November 2020 0

With enthusiasm and expertise to spare, Robert and Paul are left bowled over by their lunch trip to Johnstone Coffee Co. When you think about what takes a locale and transforms it into an institution, there’s a persisting idea that tenure is the guiding principle. Yet for every rule, there are exceptions to justify...

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