26 May 2024
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Scoff & Patter in Dargavel lunch review

on 27 March 2022 0

After seeing plenty of social media fanfare, Mill’s core team headed to Dargavel’s widely renowned eatery, Scoff & Patter, and they certainly weren’t disappointed. 

Since opening its doors in October 2019, Scoff & Patter has wasted little time in ingratiating themselves into the hearts and stomachs of both nearby residents and those who’ve come from further afield to sample their wares. 

A family business at its core, the busyness that its reputation has spawned does little to deter each new customer from feeling as valued as any regular. 

As you gaze upon its geometric wall decorations and head to one of its luxurious leather-bound booths, it’s clear that everything is precise, but it doesn’t diminish its genial charm. In fact, its aesthetical flair isn’t an indicator of price. In fact, Scoff & Patter is as affordable and generously portioned as any local café. 

Possessing a varied menu that encompasses both brunch favourites and more expansive cuisine, I am delighted when my “golden glow” smoothie is every bit as energising as I’d envisioned. 

Scoff & Patter

Photo by Ali Burden-Blake, Insta: @aliburdenblake & Szymon Kubiak, Insta: @simon.k.photography

Given that owner Carla follows a meat-free diet, I knew that the vegetarian breakfast was bound to be great and sure enough, it was among the best I’ve had in recent memory. Composed of veggie sausages, halloumi, mushrooms, beans, toast and poached eggs, it wasn’t just a bountiful plateful, but something that you could actively savour the flavours of. 

As is customary, Paul indulged his carnivorous side by opting for a spicy chicken crepe. Unsurprisingly, he was delighted and commented on the fact that from the side salad to the main event, their recipes were impeccable. 

Scoff & Patter

Photo by Ali Burden-Blake, Insta: @aliburdenblake & Szymon Kubiak, Insta: @simon.k.photography

As if that wasn’t enough, the team them provided us with another meal in the form of their halloumi and Mediterranean vegetable salad. Unveiled with a choice of dressings and an appetising assortment of fresh produce, it was so tasty that I was compelled to take the rest of it home for dinner! 

Rounded off with a Mint Aero brownie for myself and a Kinder Bueno-filled cream cookie courtesy of Bad Bitch Bakes, our trip to Scoff & Patter is one that undoubtedly ratified its position as one of the finest cafés that Renfrewshire has to offer.

A bustling community space with friendliness and immensely satisfying dishes to spare, we can only see this café going from strength to strength in the coming years.

Scoff & Patter, 1 Dalgety Drive, Bishopton PA7 5LN, 01505 805448, Facebook.

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