21 June 2024
  • 21 June 2024

Johnstone Coffee Co lunch review

on 1 November 2020 0

With enthusiasm and expertise to spare, Robert and Paul are left bowled over by their lunch trip to Johnstone Coffee Co.

When you think about what takes a locale and transforms it into an institution, there’s a persisting idea that tenure is the guiding principle.

Yet for every rule, there are exceptions to justify their existence and when it comes to Johnstone Coffee Co, this High Street eatery has accomplished more in a year-and-a-half than some cafes do in decades.

Twinned with its Elderslie Coffee Shop branch, their ethos has always been beautiful in its unwavering simplicity.

With prime cuts of produce from the nearby Elderslie Butchers, everything’s locally sourced and imbued with a real passion for the area. As well as being one of the most aesthetically pleasing places in town, it’s comforting to know that they’ve got the heart to match.

When the local community was stricken by lockdown, their commitment to providing free school meals proved that there’s always more at stake than the money in the till.

Johnstone Coffee Co counter

As opposed to getting by on their principled approach, what awaits you inside is every bit as rewarding. Settling in with a masterfully crafted latte, their vast menu ensures that there’s something for every culinary palette.

On this occasion, our designer Paul opted for the eggs benedict complete with crispy bacon and sriracha infused with the hollandaise that was very attuned to his tastes.

Without uttering a word, the temporary vow of silence that hung over the table told me all that I needed to know about how much he’d enjoyed it.

Meanwhile, I just couldn’t see past the allure of their halloumi burger. Aligning Cyprus’ greatest export with invitingly fresh mushrooms and a fried tomato, this burger would’ve stood triumphantly on its own.

But when you pair it with a flavour-accentuating southwest sauce, side salad and exemplarily seasoned fries, it became even greater than the sum of its parts.

Sweet treats from Johnstone Coffee Co

As if that wasn’t enough, Paul and I were then treated to a rundown of the new dessert-based delights that they have on offer.

All lovingly crafted by new head chef Ryan—otherwise known as @beardysbakewell on Instagram—each brownie and cookie sandwich left us in collective awe. Plus, once you’ve had a deep-fried Mars bar with pancake batter, you’ve touched the stars.

Hellbent on expanding their horizons with each passing month, what makes owner Toni Marshall and his team’s operation so special is that where other cafes would be contented with success, they’re always striving for more.

As a result, we’d bet that this is only the first chapter in an illustrious legacy.

Johnstone Coffee Co., 71 High Street, Johnstone PA5 8QG, 01505 320896. Visit their Facebook page.

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