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Johnstone town centre public engagement event

by on 24 September 2023 0
People who live, work and visit Johnstone town centre can help shape the vision for its future There’s a public engagement event at 56 Houston Court, Johnstone (at the corner of Houstoun Square) next Wednesday (27 September) from 9am to 6pm and an online survey to capture everyone’s feedback on the town centre. The... Read More

Aleo Café in Johnstone lunch review

by on 30 July 2023 0
Our core team take a trip to Aleo Café, one of Johnstone’s unsung eateries for an immensely satisfying afternoon  No-one supports a local business quite like the Johnstone faithful. Whether it’s a pub, gym, bingo hall or café, it’s a place that has proven itself to be predisposed to uplifting the enterprises in their... Read More

Bangin’ Pizza Johnstone dinner review by Robert Blair

by on 31 March 2023 0
Robert and Paul head along to Johnstone’s latest eatery, Bangin’ Pizza, with high expectations and to say they left thrilled (and full) would be an understatement Derived from what was initially seen as a “peasant food”, pizza has become nothing short of an art form that, when done right, doesn’t just tantalise the taste... Read More

Autastic Club Johnstone

by on 2 March 2023 0
Based in Johnstone, the team behind Autastic Club is looking to ensure that everyone has a place to be who they are without fear of judgement or scrutiny For Ashley McSwegan and Angela Armour, Autastic Club was born of the predicaments they’d faced when it came to finding opportunities for their boys, both of... Read More

Johnstone Dementia Friendly Community Group

by on 23 December 2022 0
Founder Karen McShane takes us inside the vital work of The Johnstone Dementia Friendly Community Group. For anyone with lived experience of helping those with dementia, whether it’d be family members or in their working life, you know that it is no easy feat. In the case of Karen McShane, she’s seen both sides... Read More

Brand-new play equipment in Renfrewshire nears completion

by on 24 November 2022 0
Brand-new play equipment is set to be available in play parks across Renfrewshire as the second phase of Renfrewshire Council’s £1.1million investment nears completion. Works to transform the play parks at Campbell Street in Renfrew, Ardgryffe Park in Houston, Churchill Drive in Bishopton, Crags Road in Paisley and Elm Drive/Sycamore Avenue in Johnstone are... Read More
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