13 June 2024
  • 13 June 2024

Café Fairfull Paisley lunch review

on 22 December 2022 0

Robert and Paul took a trip a trip to Café Fairfull in Paisley, a much loved fixture of the High Street that refuses to stand still.

A lot can happen in the space of a decade and for Café Fairfull, this has most certainly been the case. Owned by Elaine Fairfull, whose family have been at the helm of local, community-oriented businesses for generations, this eatery is both quaint in spirit and inviting in atmosphere.

Equipped with an expansive menu which ensures that every regular can get their favourite dish, Café Fairfull’s versatility may require a lot of graft on the staff’s part, but has played a pivotal role in making it into a much-loved locale for those in the area.

Garlanded in flowers and fairy lights, the café serves as a calming refuge on a particularly warm afternoon in Renfrewshire. 

Given that it was on the balmier side, I bypassed the usual coffee in favour of a revitalising strawberry smoothie that was made with fresh fruit and served as a stroller accompaniment for a summer’s day. 

Café Fairfull

Despite the fact that it was an immensely busy, our food arrived punctually and didn’t skimp on flavour or portion size either. After some consideration, I opted for the peri-peri roasted vegetable and mozzarella panini and I was by no means disappointed. Providing ample kick without sacrificing depth of flavour, it delivered on all fronts and ensured that I had a new go-to when making repeat visits. 

Meanwhile, Paul had Café Fairfull’s lauded sharing platter to sample. Complete with crispy chicken wings, french fries, toasted garlic ciabatta, onion rings, spicy nachos, mozzarella sticks and a full pizza that comes complete with the stonebaked texture which always elevates them to new heights, it was a challenge that our eternally hungry designer rose to with glee.

Granted, I helped out wherever I could and by the end of it, we were both amazed at not only the immense value of this £25 banquet, but the manner in which they’d gotten the best out of each and every component of it. 

Café Fairfull

Their in-store bakery creates thousands of cakes per week

Across café sales, wholesale and farmers markets their celebrated in-store bakery creates just under 8,000 cakes in a week to meet demand. 

With this in mind, we capped off our visit by halving two of their tried and tested favourites in the shape of the Viennese whirl and strawberry tart; with each one crafted to perfection, they proved to be the perfect way to end an immensely tasty afternoon. 

Practically allergic to resting on their laurels, Café Fairfull always have big plans in the pipeline and based on the strength of our recent trip, we’ve no doubt they’ll pull them off. 

Café Fairfull, 12a High Street, Paisley, PA1 2BS, 0141 387 3621, visit the website.

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