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Jam Jar Paisley dinner review

on 3 January 2023 0

Cherished by Renfrewshire residents from far and wide, our core team heads to Jam Jar in Paisley for a veritable midweek feast. 

Despite the fact that it’s only now closing in on its ten-year anniversary, Jam Jar have pulled off the remarkable feat of already feeling like a generational staple that has enlivened both childhoods and revelrous nights out alike. 

Capable of catering to all age ranges, budgets and demographics, it has long been defined by both the consistent quality of its cuisine and the unreservedly buoyant atmosphere that greets you when you step over the threshold.

Sporting an innately homely feel that provides the same sort of comfort that’s commonly associated with American diners in tight-knit communities, Jam Jar always feels familiar and yet there’s never so much as a sliver of complacency among its staff.

Plus, the fact that it was practically packed to the rafters on a Tuesday is a testament to the deep-seated affection that local residents harbour towards this intimate eatery and inventive cocktail bar. 

When it comes to fabled Paisley dishes, few can rival Jam Jar’s “hawf and hawf” offer of pizza and pasta. Consequently, it’d have felt downright negligent if one of us didn’t opt for it. A joyful crash-course in comfort food, I went for the vegetarian supreme pizza and an arrabbiata.

Jam Jar

Photo by Lauren Mckinnon

As bountiful a plate as ever, the toppings of courgettes, aubergines, sweetcorn, onions, peppers and mushroom ensures that the pizza is bustling with flavour. In terms of the penne dish, its sumptuous Napoli sauce intermingles with a generous helping of jalapeños to provide the perfect level of kick for those whose palettes stray toward the spicier side.

With a whole other facet of the menu to explore, Paul went for the “Jam-Packed Stacked Burger” which contained a homemade beef burger atop a grilled cajun chicken breast, melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese, salsa and onion rings on a bed of crisp salad.

Supplemented by homemade coleslaw and a portion of cajun-spiced curly fries, Paul didn’t hesitate to describe it as “unreal” and his commitment to finishing this mammoth assortment of food told me all I needed to know. 

Jam Jar

Mozzarella sticks, photo by Josh Wilson

Considering that we both nurse sweet tooths that’d rival just about any kid in the place, Paul and I overcame any sense of fullness in order to sample Jam Jar’s renowned dessert menu.

For Paul, a white chocolate and strawberry cheesecake proved to be exactly what was needed to satiate the urge for something sugary. Served in a massive glass, my ice cream sundae seemed daunting at first, but it’s safe to say that its infallible combination of whipped cream, ice cream and fresh strawberries ensured that I consumed every last morsel. 

Although we didn’t opt for cocktails on this occasion – the magazine deadline was fast approaching – previous visits left me wishing that I didn’t have a mountainous amount of work to attend to. Purveyors of everything from Long Island iced teas to frozen daiquiris, their extensive “tuck shop” provides some of the most refreshing beverages that you can get your hands on anywhere in Renfrewshire. 

Jam Jar

Photo by Caitlin Robertson

At this point, it’s no secret that Jam Jar has a winning formula on their hands. However, what sets them apart is that they never seem to take it for granted and will always look to uphold their reputation as one of the most popular spots in Paisley’s town centre.

Striking the perfect balance between excellent food, attentive service and all of those little endearing qualities which all but ensure repeat visits, you’d be hard pushed to envision anyone leaving Jam Jar Paisley without a full belly and a feeling of contentment to go along with it.

Suffice to say, we, just like everyone else who’s popped in over the years, will certainly be back. 

Jam Jar, 16 Shuttle Street, Paisley, PA1 1YD, 0141 848 0898, find out more at Facebook.

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