21 June 2024
  • 21 June 2024

Barnhill Farm Kitchen Inchinnan lunch review

on 12 December 2022 0

Robert and Paul visit Barnhill Farm Kitchen, the newest addition to this Inchinnan-based gem

When undertaking anything, passion and perseverance are critical if you hope to bring your vision to fruition. If you’ve ever paid a visit, you’ll be aware that this sort of verve and drive isn’t in short supply at Inchinnan’s Barnhill Farm.

Seventy acres of land that borders the River Gryffe and is defined by its fierce independence and self sustainability, it should come as no surprise that when they set about refining their space in order to provide a new farm kitchen, they’ve done it to their exact specifications.

In keeping with the ethos that owner James Mackie has always led with, chef Zoltan Szabo – who has worked everywhere from Cameron House to the Grand Central Hotel – is determined to provide something unique, fresh and immensely tasty to everyone that stops and, above all, won’t be charging an arm and a leg to do so. 

Barnhill Farm Kitchen

An ambitious operation that’s leading with a field-to-plate ethos while still catering for all dietary requirements, Zoltan and Ewelina – who gained her experience from working in bakeries and restaurants in Poland – will be rotating their menu on a seasonal basis and to him, “this is the beauty of it”. 

During Paul’s and my visit, we saw this concept become a rewarding and expertly honed reality. 

Beginning with a portion of vegetarian haggis and regular haggis bonbons apiece that had all the rich spice and tanginess you’d hope for, the spectacular whole grain mustard mayonnaise sets them apart from any others that we’ve had in recent memory.

Alongside sampling Barnhill’s homemade bread and butter, our palates were gripped by the delicate balance of flavours that was presented by their charred tenderstem and quinoa salad with honey and marjoram dressing.

With the broccoli prepared to perfection, I was all too happy to receive my next course in the form of poached farm-fresh eggs with avocado, beetroot and goats cheese.

Refined yet hearty, this dish kept me busy while Paul revelled in a delightfully rustic Barnhill cottage pie before delving into a pork pie with seasonal fruit chutney that he didn’t hesitate to signpost as one of the best he’s ever had.

To round off what was an afternoon of edible brilliance, we were treated to pancakes with caramelised bananas that were accompanied by Biscoff and honey cream cheese.

Crafted in-house, the sheer circumference and thickness of the pancakes and the blend tastes provided by Zoltan is a testament to the fact that Barnhill are intent on delivering something special with their Farm Kitchen. And if this experience was anything to go by, they’re certainly onto a winner. 

Barnhill Farm Kitchen, Barnhill Farm, Houston Road, Inchinnan, Renfrewshire, PA4 9LU, visit the website.

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