25 July 2024
  • 25 July 2024

The Noise Club ‘Johnstone Boys’

on 1 November 2021 0

They say that you only get one shot at making a first impression and in the case of The Noise Club, they’ve set out on uproarious form with their debut single Johnstone Boys.

Reformulated from disparate parts of popular bands such as Sway, Heavy Rapids and Sobriety, combining their efforts has clearly provided each member of this four piece with a new zeal for their craft and the end product is the sound of a tightly honed and ambitious unit that’s firing on all cylinders.

With visions of cathartic singalongs in sweaty venues practically hardwired into its chorus, Johnstone Boys is an incendiary offering that takes its listeners on a whistlestop tour of frontman Craig Milroy’s formative years.

Centering on the all too familiar tale of a young man who was moulded by his provincial environment yet finds himself questioning some of its mentalities and abrasively delivered teachings, its narrative soars over a thriling backdrop of Dan Drennan’s razor-sharp guitar work and is all driven by home of the most propulsive rhythm sections we’ve heard in recent memory.

Not content to simply venture from a-to-b as punk purists would mandate, there is a real dynamism in its structure and execution that paints The Noise Club in a fascinating light. As while they’re making a concerted effort to invoke movement from the listener, they’re engaging you on a cerebral level across its lyricism and the finer points of its instrumentation.

Helmed by the renowned duo of Jamie Holmes and Johnny Madden at Castle Of Doom studios, the track has been unveiled just days before the outfit plays their first ever headline show at Callum’s Cavern in Paisley. Set to be held on Saturday 6th November, the show will also feature sets from Scunnurt, The Chosen Lonely and, last but not least, a DJ set from Gianluca Bernacchi of The Vegan Leather.

Tickets for the show are available for just £8 via SeeTickets.

Check out Johnstone Boys on Youtube or Spotify.

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