22 May 2024
  • 22 May 2024

Fruit + Herbs Soulfood Café Renfrew lunch review

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Conjuring up sumptuous food that’s good for both the waistline and the wallet, Paul and Robert head to a fast-growing Fruit + Herbs Soulfood Café

Where many cafés are born without any clear ethos, The Fruit + Herbs Soulfood Café was born with the intention of providing healthier alternatives that didn’t compromise on taste.

After frequenting the Renfrew Leisure Centre across the road, owner Jo realised there was nowhere she could to get food that wouldn’t be to the detriment of what she just achieved in the gym.

Although passers-by can get all of the usual bacon rolls and square sausage that you’d expect, the team’s passion lies in providing comfort food that won’t take a toll on the body. 

Possessing subtle touches of a bohemian aesthetic, the café is a pleasure to sit in before you even get to its expansive menu. 

Priding themselves on rich flavours, there’s an authenticity to what they do with their food that certainly comes into focus once the plate arrives before you. 

Fruit + Herbs Soulfood

Chicken Club Burger

For Paul, he opted for a chicken club burger which comes with a patty that’s resplendent in their very own homemade breadcrumbs. Prepared to an authentic and immensely tangy recipe, Paul was overjoyed by what was before him. Paired with homemade coleslaw and well seasoned fries, he looked like he would’ve eagerly taken on another just due to the sheer tastiness of it. 

As for me, I opted for a southern fried halloumi sandwich. Garnished with crisp, fresh salad, it was an immensely rewarding meal that elicited joy with each bite. 

Old School Sponge

In consuming the food, we saw exactly how that ethos of healthy food that still satisfies came to be and that’s before we even got to dessert. For Paul, this took the shape of a homemade apple pie that he absolutely delighted in eating. In my case, a slice of old school sponge cake had been staring at me lovingly since the minute I walked in the door and thus, I was happy to make short work of that too. 

 A café that has a sense of identity like few others and quality food to boot, Jo’s is a place that we’d advise you to get down to without any hesitation. 

The Fruit + Herbs Soulfood Cafe, 180 Paisley Road, Renfrew, PA4 8DS, 07947 982075, Facebook page here.

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