15 April 2024
  • 15 April 2024

Positive Life Approaches – a strategy for wellbeing

on 1 July 2022 0

Armed with 20 years of experience in health and social care, Elle from Positive Life Approaches takes us inside her unique blend of counselling and self-management.

In this current climate, we may be feeling more isolated and anxious than usual. So, there is no shame in talking to someone and seeing things from a different perspective.

This has been a difficult couple of years for most of us. Hopefully by talking to someone, everyday life will become easier to cope with.

My aim is to help organisations, especially third sector and crisis support services, to train their staff in awareness of suicide, self-harm and to offer wellbeing sessions to help their staff reduce their stress and afford what could be a crucial opportunity to offload.

Among the many personal benefits, investing in employee wellbeing can also lead to increased resilience and reduced sickness absence as well as higher performance and productivity.

The self-management approach that I offer is effective for individuals with long-term conditions such as Chronic Fatigue, ME, Fibromyalgia and Long Covid. As there are no fixes or cures for many conditions, looking after yourself is key to coping and providing focus.

For me, it’s important that everything is bespoke and tailored to each individual and organisation alike. In addition, I want to ensure that people who may not otherwise be able to get access to counselling will receive the help they need. 

To enlist Elle’s services for yourself or your business, head to her Positive Life Approaches website or email her on he***@po********************.uk

This feature appeared in Mill Magazine issue 15, March/April 2022, you can read the online version here.

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