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Glasses to contact lenses, making the switch is easy at Specsavers

on 30 December 2021 0

Considering changing from glasses to contact lenses? Specsavers Paisley is on hand to discuss all the options with you.

“As some glasses can steam up when we wear masks, it’s a good opportunity to try contact lenses to keep our vision clear,” store director Gail Thompson revealed.

“It doesn’t matter what kind of prescription you have, almost anyone can wear contact lenses. If you and your optician are happy that you’re comfortable putting them in, taking them out and cleaning them, then there’s really nothing stopping you.”

“Specsavers offers lots of different types and brands of contact lenses and picking one will depend on your lifestyle and prescription. To help you decide, all you have to do is arrange an appointment with a member of the team at the Paisley store and they’ll be happy to help you find the right type of lenses.

“A concern some people have is the time it takes to get used to contact lenses,” Gail continued, “but our friendly staff will provide you with a timetable for gradually increasing the length of time you can wear your lenses, starting with just a few hours each day.”

The team is also prepared to talk you through how to correctly fit the lenses during the consultation. “Good hygiene and lens care are essential for keeping your contact lenses and eyes in good condition. Always follow the care regime prescribed by your optician and make sure to attend regular aftercare visits.”

Book a contact lens consultation at Specsavers in Paisley by calling 0141 848 9192 or booking online.

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