18 July 2024
  • 18 July 2024

Food & Drink

Who’s Café Paisley dinner review by Suzanne Oswald

on 31 May 2023 0

Our resident food expert Suzanne Oswald visits one of Renfrewshire’s fastest rising eateries, Who’s Café Despite being a relatively new addition to Paisley’s ever-expanding food and drink scene, it’s fair to say that the modestly named Who’s Café? has already established itself as a firm favourite among locals. And, after one glance at the...

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Bobbins Kilbarchan lunch review by Robert Blair

on 29 May 2023 0

Our trusty team of Robert Blair and Paul Dickson take their taste buds to Bobbins in Kilbarchan to sample this beloved café One of the beautiful things about village living is that establishments can come to typify the spirit of the area. Rather than being ten a penny, the sparsity of options can allow...

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Caffè Royale Paisley: when passion meets profession

on 3 May 2023 0

Four years after taking on the restaurant, the Caffè Royale team are always focused on maintaining their high standards of service and superb cuisine When passion meets profession, magic can happen and in the case of Colin and Claire Guthrie at Paisley’s Caffè Royale, this family-run restaurant is the culmination of a near 40...

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Bangin’ Pizza Johnstone dinner review by Robert Blair

on 31 March 2023 0

Robert and Paul head along to Johnstone’s latest eatery, Bangin’ Pizza, with high expectations and to say they left thrilled (and full) would be an understatement Derived from what was initially seen as a “peasant food”, pizza has become nothing short of an art form that, when done right, doesn’t just tantalise the taste...

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The Little Coffee Caravan Lochwinnoch lunch review

on 29 March 2023 0

The Little Coffee Caravan may already be a firm favourite among the locals and passersby, but they’re only just getting started, as Robert and Paul find out… There’s something uniquely comforting about knowing that come rain or shine, there are places you go where the welcome will always be unmistakably friendly and your needs...

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Piccolo Mondo Renfrew: a new generation

on 1 March 2023 0

A culinary staple in both Renfrew and Glasgow, Piccolo Mondo are entering a new era in which tradition is melded with contemporary style, Robert Blair finds out more… The term “institution” is flung around a lot these days, but when it comes to dining in Renfrewshire, it fits Piccolo Mondo Renfrew to a tee....

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The Rollin Pig – Renfrewshire’s award-winning street food

on 3 January 2023 1

Harbouring one of the most robust and distinct menus in Renfrewshire, Suzanne Oswald heads to Johnstone’s street food phenomenon, The Rollin Pig, for an afternoon feast to remember. There’s no denying that Renfrewshire’s resurgence as a hotbed for culture and cuisine can be largely attributed to the lofty ambitions and creative zeal of its...

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Jam Jar Paisley dinner review

on 3 January 2023 0

Cherished by Renfrewshire residents from far and wide, our core team heads to Jam Jar in Paisley for a veritable midweek feast.  Despite the fact that it’s only now closing in on its ten-year anniversary, Jam Jar have pulled off the remarkable feat of already feeling like a generational staple that has enlivened both...

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Café Fairfull Paisley lunch review

on 22 December 2022 0

Robert and Paul took a trip a trip to Café Fairfull in Paisley, a much loved fixture of the High Street that refuses to stand still. A lot can happen in the space of a decade and for Café Fairfull, this has most certainly been the case. Owned by Elaine Fairfull, whose family have been...

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