25 June 2022
  • 25 June 2022

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Behind the doors of Kairos Women+

by on 12 August 2021 1
After obtaining registered charity status, Emmagayle Harper details how this community-led women’s space for all women and non-binary people across Renfrewshire and beyond is bringing people together in safe and inclusive ways. When lockdown hit in March 2020, everyone was in a state of shock as the country abruptly came to an almost complete... Read More

Culture and Me: Provost Lorraine Cameron

by on 5 August 2021 0
In the first of a series of online exclusive pieces that places the microscope on Renfrewshire locals and their relationship to the notion of culture in their own lives, Provost Lorraine Cameron talks ingenuity in adversity, her inalienable love for the area and how her formative years placed her on the path that she... Read More

An Ode To Ferguslie

by on 12 May 2021 0
The Ferguslie Tourist By Kevin Muirhead Am a Paisley boy born and bred, Tae a faimly of Fegs with the name Muirhead, They hailed fae a street called Logan Drive, Tae the outsider I suppose it was a bit ae a dive, But embedded within it was a deep burning pride, Filled with people... Read More

Ferguslie: Rising Up – the power of a community

by on 25 January 2021 0
No longer willing to abide by its outdated reputation, Ferguslie Park has become a microcosm of how to improve a local community. Now, Darkwood Crew’s Terry McTernan is here to take you through their self-determined path to prosperity. Once referred to as the “biggest cul-de-sac in Western Europe” by the European Parliament, Ferguslie Park... Read More