27 May 2024
  • 27 May 2024

Disability Resource Centre Renfrewshire

on 13 December 2022 0

Over three decades into its existence, we take a look at the crucial work of The Disability Resource Centre as it reopens its doors.

How long has the DRC been a service in Renfrewshire?

The Disability Resource Centre has been offering a service to people with long-term conditions, physical or sensory impairments for over 30 years. From the experiences that people who use our service have shared with us, we know that good access to any community venue makes a positive difference.

We have 105 people using our services. Communication with carers and family members has always been important for our team and this was highlighted during the pandemic. Many people rely on support from a close family member or a personal assistant.

The Disability Resource Centre also has 11 volunteers. Some of them used to attend the DRC and they are now contributing back to the organisation.

Disability Resource Centre

We see that you do everything from weaving to music classes. Do you feel that it’s vital to provide as broad a range of events as possible? 

Pre-Pandemic, the DRC was running over 40 groups. As well as our own activities based in the centre, we have always engaged with third sector organisations and the Sports Development Committee has had terrific success stories with DRC’s Hansa Sailing Boat at Castle Semple, fishing at Carbeth, inclusive arts events and workshops. 

At a time where social isolation is on the rise, do you feel the DRC’s work is more vital than ever?

Absolutely. We’ve learned so much about how much people missed being able to get out of their homes. Social isolation has dominated so many people’s lives and people talk about how their physical and mental health has suffered.

Peer support and encouragement allows people to cope better with their lives and gain confidence to get more involved in the community again. 

Disability Resource Centre

What is the referral process?

Please contact the Adult Services Referral Team, ASeRT on 0300 300 1380.

Do you hope that the DRC will remain a fixture of the community?

Yes. We are looking forward to returning to the Disability Resource Centre soon and hope that we will be a fixture in the community for many years to come. The fire damage at the DRC prevented the building being used.

We are indebted to the level of support we received from Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership and our colleagues at Older Adult Services, Finding Your Feet, Beechwood Community Centre and the Anchor Centre. 

For more information on the Disability Resource Centre, please visit the website.

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