14 April 2024
  • 14 April 2024

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Chris Forbes: local comedian and actor talks to Mill Magazine

by on 26 September 2023 0
Ahead of his upcoming show at Beacon Arts Centre in Greenock, comedian Chris Forbes chats to us about his upbringing in Bridge of Weir, moving to America at 16 and more  Although he may be hurtling towards Aberdeen for a run of shows that weekend, Bridge of Weir-born comedian Chris Forbes remains an engaging... Read More

Neve McIntosh talks to Mill Magazine

by on 5 November 2021 0
A star of the small screen and stages alike, Paisley-born actor Neve McIntosh talks us through her Renfrewshire roots, career highlights and more.  Two decades plus since she first burst onto screens, Neve McIntosh remains a firm believer in entertainment’s ability to empower and inform. Sat in Brew on County Square on a day... Read More

Interview: Martin Quinn

by on 9 February 2021 0
After performing across stage and screen, actor and musician Martin Quinn tells us about his career and his Paisley roots.  There’s a lot to be said for casting off the expectations of your upbringing in a close-knit, socially scrutinising town to carve out a life in the arts. But for Paisley-born Martin Quinn; Star... Read More

Interview: Kari Corbett

by on 25 January 2021 0
After a five-year hiatus, Paisley-born actor and director Kari Corbett is embarking on her next chapter with a clearer purpose than ever. At a time when the entire planet is in flux, it’d be easy to be jaded to the point of apathy. But as we make introductory small talk in Paisley’s Brew, Kari... Read More

Interview: Marianna Palka

by on 1 March 2020 0
Renowned for her work both in front of the camera and gazing through the viewfinder, we spoke to Scotland’s own Marianna Palka about her career, art’s galvanising power and more.  As she sits in St Louis Café Bar on Dumbarton Road, Marianna Palka bears none of the hallmarks that you’d expect from someone who... Read More

Interview: Scott Reid

by on 1 July 2019 0
Best known for playing Methadone Mick in Still Game, the Paisley-based actor opens up about the highs and lows of working within an unpredictable industry. Scott Reid has St Mirren to thank for his career. A keen footballer, he had a trial for the team as a teenager. As he recalls, “They said to... Read More