25 July 2024
  • 25 July 2024

Ingliston Country Club & Hotel – making luxury sustainable

on 26 March 2022 0

From polytunnels to innovative plans for the future, Gary Clark from Ingliston Country Club & Hotel outlines how they’re melding hospitality with ecological responsibility. 

If you have visited Ingliston Country Club & Hotel, you will know they do not do anything by halves. This is particularly applicable to their sustainability programme, whereby they employ many different methods to contribute to a greener, safer environment. We spoke to Gary Clark, one of the directors at Ingliston who outlined the measures already in place, not to mention the new additions coming soon… 

“Our environmental/eco agenda continues with as much enthusiasm as ever with our estate nurseries bursting with an abundance of herbs and plants from our polytunnels, which are used by our chefs in the kitchens,” Gary proclaims. “All plants throughout the estate are also grown onsite by our dedicated grounds team. 

“Ground preparation is also well underway for fruit-bearing orchards and with thriving beehives now on-site, we look forward to a wonderful harvest of honey this coming summer and an abundance of pollination from our busy bees. 

“We are extremely proud to have one of the largest solar panel installations in Scotland providing us with a vast amount of the energy we use throughout the estate,” he continues.

“Those of you who have visited will know that Ingliston is beautifully illuminated in the evening and this is actually assisted by the sun. Our extravagant Christmas lights are no exception and can be enjoyed as we approach the festive period. 

“We have recently introduced electric car charging points within our main car park in a continued effort to support a cleaner environment. All light bulbs throughout the estate are energy efficient and we now ensure all water bottles within the accommodation are reusable glass bottles in order to save on plastic waste. Not stopping there, we also reuse the horse manure (of which we have plenty) as a nutrient-rich fertiliser! 

“Next on our green agenda is an exciting new feature in Palominos Restaurant with the installation of a Nordic moss wall which will not only be an appealing visual, but comes with a number of environmental benefits such as natural insulation and improved air quality. 

Maintaining a sustainable and eco-conscious business while preparing and safeguarding for the future is right at the heart and passion of Ingliston,” Gary concludes. “Come and join us, whether you wish to eat, sleep or play there is something for everyone.”

Ingliston Country Club & Hotel, Old Greenock Road, Bishopton, PA7 5PA, 01505 864333, website.

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