25 June 2024
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West College Scotland – start your journey

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At West College Scotland, an endless array of opportunities awaits at their learning centres in Paisley, Greenock and Clydebank

The past few years have been a time of great transition for us all and as a result, many of the people who had realised, upon reflection, that they felt disenchanted by their lives have decided to forge ahead with a new journey.

By that same token, we’re now in the midst of a generation of kids and young adults who are simultaneously afforded more possibilities than ever, but fewer chances to obtain that critical experience which aids them to stand out from the crowd and command the attention of future employers.

At the intersection of these two groups is the world of both further and higher education and perhaps now more than ever, there is a plethora of reasons to choose college. 

Structured around learning centres in Greenock, Clydebank and, of course, the Paisley base that Renfrewshire locals are sure to be acquainted with, West College Scotland has an incredible range of courses to fit every dream career or new profession that either school leavers or more mature students may like to turn their hand to. 

Spanning all manner of disciplines including acting, sport, social sciences, dance, engineering, nursing, photography, architectural design and much, much more, there’s no pathway that can’t begin within its walls in one of the 400 plus courses they have on offer. Just ask the likes of Jamie Genevieve, actor Amy Conachan and Sagar Massey from Masterchef The Professionals, all of whom studied at WCS before finding success in their respective fields. 

Whether you wish to do a one year HNC course or take things further to the point that you obtain direct access to university, West College Scotland is a gateway to a world of opportunity and it’s one that is paying dividends for thousands. 

Rather than being a place that sounds good on paper, but can’t follow through on its promises, you need only look at the statistics which have emerged from its graduates and alumni which attest to the success of their model and the benefits which can be reaped from college.

West College Scotland

When asked in 2021-2022, 91% of West College Scotland students are happy with their college experience, with a further 92% also declaring that they felt empowered to take responsibility for their learning.

A decorated institution which has been honoured by the likes of CDN College Awards and The Herald Higher Education Awards, 92% of West College Scotland students said their time at college helped develop their skills for the workplace and this is evidenced by the fact that according to the most recent data, around 97% of West College Scotland students go on to either work, further study or training after completing their courses.

On the whole, this is unsurprising as on top of their excellent links to university campuses, which include access programmes that enable some students to go directly into second or third year to UWS, Caledonian and Strathclyde among others, one of the other main things which WCS prides themselves on and benefits their students is their stellar ties to employers in a wide variety of industries. On account of this, their students can often obtain hands-on, practical experience that will instantly make them attractive to those in charge of hiring new people. 

West College Scotland

Although the average age of a full-time student is 25, there is no template for what the life of a West College Scotland student should entail, nor is there a set amount of responsibilities or obligations that they can handle while undertaking their studies.

In actuality, there are some myths to dispel around what exactly a “full-time” course at WCS entails. Where that term would often conjure up visions of a hectic schedule which is made up of eight-hour-long days in classrooms, the reality of what studying at West College Scotland involves is different from that stereotype.

On average, a full-time course at WCS equates to around 21 hours a week, which is a far cry from what many would assume. Consequently, their courses remain suitable for those with a whole host of situations, ranging from jobs to care and family-oriented commitments. A college which leads with an ethos of inclusivity, WCS welcomes applications from students who have additional support needs, a disability, or a specific learning difficulty including discreet, out of class assistance. 

Happy to provide digital connectivity support or the maintenance for your mental wellbeing that is afforded by having three trained counsellors on staff, West College Scotland is a place where your learning, and by proxy, your life can take on any shape that you are in need of. 

So, with that said, why not study their curriculum and see if anything they offer piques your interest? 

2023 courses at WCS are now open. To learn more, visit the website. You can also call 0300 600 60 60 or email in**@wc*.uk

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