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Ren Zero campaign is launched by Renfrewshire Council

on 29 September 2022 0

Renfrewshire Council has launched its Ren Zero campaign aiming to bring communities, businesses and the council together to work towards the ambitious aim of net zero emissions in Renfrewshire by 2030.

Launching during Scotland’s Climate Week, the Ren Zero campaign forms part of the Council’s leadership approach to provide the support and guidance that partners need to make radical, but necessary, changes in Renfrewshire.

Independent research has shown that the council contributes 2.5% of the area’s total emissions so a collaborative approach is required with communities, businesses, and partners to reach the goals set out following the council’s declaration of a climate emergency in 2019.

Scottish Leather Group are part of the Renfrewshire Climate Network which brings together local businesses, organisations and council partners to share best practice and advance climate change activity in Renfrewshire, and the organisation are looking forward to continued collaboration in the coming years.

Dr Warren Bowden, Head of Innovation and Sustainability at Scottish Leather Group said: “Ren Zero is the perfect opportunity for businesses across Renfrewshire to get involved in sharing best practices and advice on how to reduce carbon emissions.

“Scottish Leather Group has been focused on pioneering a circular business and being engaged in Renfrewshire Climate Network has helped us develop policies and deliver practices to support this ambition.

“Working in partnership with other businesses across the region will be critical in delivering change at this scale and we have already seen the benefits within our own business from working closely together.

“The work of Renfrewshire Council in driving forward this new campaign to Net Zero by 2030 is an excellent initiative and we hope to attract even more partners to join us on a net zero journey.”

The Ren Zero campaign has developed resources for a new brand that communities, businesses, and partners across Renfrewshire are being encouraged to adopt, with downloadable assets such as logos, event posters and branded PowerPoint presentations available to allow them to show their support.

Councillor Jim Paterson, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Planning and Climate Change Policy Board, said: “Climate change is at the forefront of our thinking as a council as we work towards Renfrewshire becoming net zero by 2030, but we know that to achieve this ambitious goal that we’ll need everyone to come with us on the journey.

“It’s going to be so important that we all work together if we are going to reach our ambitious goals so, while we’ll lead from the front as a local council, you can play your part by joining our campaign and doing all you can to reduce your emissions whether that’s at home or through your local business.

“We’re already taking lots of practical measures as an organisation to reduce our own carbon emissions and this campaign is just one part of our approach and allows us all to join in and show our support, encouraging everyone to play their part.

“If people would like to join us in supporting our goals, new branding is available for anyone across Renfrewshire to use so please get in touch with the team and we’ll provide you with a toolkit of materials that you can use to show your support for the campaign.”

Renfrewshire Council recently launched the first phase of its Plan for Net Zero which focuses on five key themes as it strives to reach its ambitious emissions target for the area – clean energy, sustainable transport, circular economy, connected communities and resilient place.

The plan was created by engaging with local residents through a survey and the newly created Climate Panel; surveying businesses; and engaging with partners, stakeholders and COP26 ambassadors to ensure that the design and delivery of the plan was a collaborative approach.

As an organisation, the council has already committed £1million to its Climate Change Action Fund which is funding innovative projects and initiatives developed in response to the climate emergency.

Projects supported currently underway include £100,000 for net zero business grants to support local businesses to reduce their emissions, £50,000 for the Community Climate Fund supporting local projects that will make a difference to the environment and £258,000 to replace vehicles in the council fleet with electric versions.

For more information on the Ren Zero campaign in Renfrewshire, and to get in touch with the team, visit www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/climatechange.

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