27 May 2024
  • 27 May 2024

Caffeine Buzz! What’s Your Coffee?

on 12 May 2021 0

Do you know your cappuccinos from your lattes? If not, then never fear as coffee artisan Katie Sutherland is here to guide your trembling hand.

Coffee is the drink that fuels the working world and gets the sleep-deprived through another day. As the growing coffee scene in Renfrewshire shows, it’s fast becoming one of the area’s favourite pastimes.

Good quality, well-made coffee can be intoxicating. Beware, though, as you can become hopelessly addicted to those well-roasted, good quality beans! (The Gatehouse Coffee Roasters are roasting some beautiful blends right here in Paisley).

The days of being able to order a coffee without having to answer a myriad of questions on types, roasts, milk and syrups seem like a distant memory. So here’s a quick guide to what’s out there. And remember: to find your perfect coffee, seek out places that are passionate about coffee, can tell you about their blends and are happy to answer your questions.


The powerhouse of coffees. A single (or double) shot of strong, energy-boosting caffeine, guaranteed to wake you up and definitely not for the faint hearted. It stands alone as a drink and is also the foundation of all other coffee drinks. 


An espresso with added hot water (one part espresso to three parts hot water) making it a longer drink that packs less of an immediate punch. It can be served with or without milk, the choice is yours.


A double shot of espresso with a small amount of foam on top to add a touch of sweetness without overwhelming the coffee taste.


The milkiest of the coffee drinks gives a more subtle coffee flavour. It’s an espresso mixed with more steamed milk than a cappuccino and topped off with a very small layer of foam. This drink is frequently combined with vanilla, caramel or hazelnut syrups. 


A strong contender in the coffee flavour stakes, it mixes the power of espresso with steamed milk and foam in equal measures topped with either chocolate or cinnamon. If you want more milk and less foam, ask for a wet cappuccino. Prefer more foam and less milk? Ask for it dry. For the purists among you this is traditionally enjoyed at breakfast time.


The punchier version of a latte, size matters with this drink. Made with the same amount of espresso as a latte, it contains less velvety milk which gives it a stronger coffee taste and makes it a slightly smaller drink.


The sweetest of the coffee drinks and a favourite among chocoholics! It contains espresso, chocolate syrup/powder and steamed milk. If that’s still not rich enough for you, top it off with cream. Think hot chocolate with a subtle hint of coffee.

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