23 June 2024
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Donna Matthew: We Just Thought We Were Superhuman

by on 30 April 2022 0
This poem by Donna Matthew is inspired by An Oral History of Noise and Piecework in Paisley’s Thread Mills by William Burns. Paisley was the mills and the mills were Paisley when childhood was a vast sky of wishes. She walked out of the school gates on a Friday willingly into the industrial machine.... Read More

Passionate Paisley a poem by Elizabeth Van Dyke

by on 27 March 2022 0
Passionate Paisley by Elizabeth Van Dyke There’s a place far away I hope to get there one day Where the streets glisten in the pouring rain From the Lowlands to the Gleniffer Braes The River Cart in all her glory Ancient castles rewind their stories The Buskers, Arts and Town Centre Piazza, pubs, bistros, the... Read More

Delicatessen: a poem by Jacqueline Jay Wilde

by on 9 January 2022 0
Delicatessen by Jacqueline Jay Wilde Because you were smoking We stopped at the door And peered into a cavern Clustered with salami stalactites. The curve of the glass counter Gleamed in the half light, Mirrored shelves and shelves Of Italianate tins and jars And bottles and boxes Stuffed with exotic morsels. The scent of... Read More

Spree for All programme to take over Renfrewshire

by on 30 September 2021 0
Music-lovers across Renfrewshire are set to enjoy a bumper line-up of great gigs in October with the announcement of this year’s Spree for All programme. Established in recent years as a ‘fringe festival’ to Paisley’s annual The Spree festival, the Spree for All will see events take place in towns and villages throughout Renfrewshire... Read More

Through a Child’s Eyes

by on 12 May 2021 0
By Karen Porter Wild winds of wonder crashing sounds of thunder leaves falling from trees the buzzing sounds of bees Picking flowers in the garden watching water freeze and harden raindrops and snow flakes all the sounds animals make Funny faces and silly sounds that’s where laughter is found dark and shadows are intimidating... Read More

Background Paper 3 (Proposed Housing Developments, Dykebar)

by on 12 May 2021 0
By Morag Smith An indicative masterplan has been prepared for this teenage Devil’s Playground where gargoyles smile from burrs on trees and lockdown lovers kiss in the patients’ garden, slow-grown, gone in a blink Garlic. Daisy. Hawksbeard. Bluebell. Owners confirm the overgrown buildings are surplus to current operational needs Life overwinters in rubble, dead... Read More


by on 12 May 2021 0
By Roddy Scott She rose up and bit us hard, after Winter’s ices, cracked and bitter shards had closed up pools and puddles over sodden rain-drunk ground, our reflections lost, ‘til melting sun reveals a lonely face in so many collections of a wet embrace. She washed heavy soaking rain straight to brolly-bobbing hands,... Read More

An Ode To Ferguslie

by on 12 May 2021 0
The Ferguslie Tourist By Kevin Muirhead Am a Paisley boy born and bred, Tae a faimly of Fegs with the name Muirhead, They hailed fae a street called Logan Drive, Tae the outsider I suppose it was a bit ae a dive, But embedded within it was a deep burning pride, Filled with people... Read More

The Golden Fleece of Arran

by on 12 May 2021 0
By Roddy Scott Aince lang ago, when jist a gleam in ma maw’s een, I was telt the tale o’ Jock the Shepherd an’ his Golden Fleece. In the autumn, he wuid drap a sheep’s fleece intae a burn- a certain burn- oan the Isle o’ Arran, knowing that when the spring cam an’... Read More