25 July 2024
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Passionate Paisley a poem by Elizabeth Van Dyke

on 27 March 2022 0

Passionate Paisley by Elizabeth Van Dyke

There’s a place far away
I hope to get there one day
Where the streets glisten in the pouring rain
From the Lowlands to the Gleniffer Braes

The River Cart in all her glory
Ancient castles rewind their stories
The Buskers, Arts and Town Centre
Piazza, pubs, bistros, the weather

Wellies in tote, umbrella in hand
My journey begins, I wander this land
The Abbey, Coats and Barshaw Park
This town will certainly warm the heart

Dreams alive, replay in my mind
To a place far away, oh, to be there one day
To feel, to love, to see
All there is… about Paisley

Passionate Paisley was written by Elizabeth Van Dyke, a songwriter and poet from Chicago, USA, who is looking forward to visiting the town for the first time. We hope to see her in 2022. Explore our poetry archive here.

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