13 June 2024
  • 13 June 2024

Bowfield Hotel & Country Club introduces Aura Spa

on 1 December 2022 0

Fresh from a whole host of expansions, Mill learns all about the restorative effects of a trip to Bowfield Hotel & Country Club. 

Today, we’re more acutely aware of the value of giving ourselves time to unwind than ever. Where previous generations saw relaxation as an indulgence, it’s now rightfully seen as a necessity for a happy and prosperous life. However, what often stops us in our tracks is the price point attached. 

Now, courtesy of Bowfield Hotel & Country Club, our local community has a place to destress for less. 

“With a lot of the bigger hotels, people come to stay over and it’s a different experience,” said spa manager Caroline Mullen during our visit to their top-of-the-range facilities. “Whereas with the Bowfield, you get a lot of local people who just come for the day to treat themselves to a bit of rest and relaxation.

“The other great thing about what we do is that it’s affordable. We have three different spa packages, starting at £89. ‘The Rejuvenate’ – which is our top package – is actually great value for money as you get £150 worth of treatment for just £129.

“With that, you also get your prosecco, afternoon tea and access to all of the facilities. People get kind of taken aback when you first say the price and then they’re amazed at how much you get for it!”

Bowfield Hotel

Having amassed a varied clientele and plenty of repeat customers, Mullen, who is a veteran of the leisure industry, believes that the Bowfield has tapped into something special and at this rate, it’s becoming Renfrewshire’s unofficial centre for all things self-care. 

“The experience starts from the minute you come in the door, we want you to be relaxing straight away and the atmosphere is everything. Once you get into your robe and slippers, that’ll be you for the rest of the day. Even when you’re having your afternoon tea!

“It’s so important,” she says of the need to relax and recharge. “Everyone that comes to the spa gets a chance to let us know what they think and it’s amazing to see the reviews. People are saying that they’ve never had massages like it and it makes the girls feel amazing too.

Bowfield Hotel

“The other day, a woman was giving one of them a cuddle because she just felt so good! I’m so glad that people are going out of their way to look after themselves.

“Massages and facials are probably the most common treatments that people get, but we offer a lot more including facials, reflexology, body wraps and salt and oil scrubs.” 

From a relaxation room in which you can capitalise on your post-massage serenity to seven treatment rooms that are manned by fully Espa-trained practitioners, Bowfield hasn’t skimped on any of the finer details. Installed just months ago, the spa and leisure club’s new aquatic attractions have proven to be an amenity that’s too good for visitors to turn down.

Nestled in acres of uninterrupted countryside, their new outdoor hydrotherapy pool allows visitors to have a moment of stillness with a prosecco or cocktail. Inside, their new, state-of-the-art pool has swimming enthusiasts lining up to try it out.

“It’s amazing, you can see yourself swimming in it. We’ve actually had people saying that they came specifically because of it, it’s like something you’d get in Dubai.”

“We’ll be adding a couples room from the second week in March,” Caroline revealed. “It just made sense as we have a lot of partners coming in together. Now, they can stay with each other for the entire experience and that has been done as a response to people asking us for it. We just took that feedback on-board and realised that it was time to make it happen.”

Situated just 10 minutes away from Paisley and 20 from Glasgow, Bowfield Hotel & Country Club is unique in that it provides the feeling of seclusion and remoteness while being just a stone’s throw from major towns and cities. For Caroline, it’s been a pleasure to see how this unique location has led people from all over to gravitate towards the spa. 

Bowfield Hotel

Bowfield’s outdoor hydrotherapy pool

“Customers come from all over. This morning, I just spoke to someone who’d travelled through from Edinburgh as they’d heard such good things from one of their friends. They weren’t even staying over!

“We obviously have plenty of members from the area, but we’d always love to see more people coming along and seeing what’s on offer. It’s a perfect getaway for the day.

“The best thing is always referrals and word-of-mouth is how we get so much of our business,” she continued. “We get to know the people that come all the time and it’s just a knock-on effect. Once we get people in, they always come back!” 

To book a spa retreat at Bowfield Hotel & Country Club, visit the website.

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