27 May 2024
  • 27 May 2024

Oak Tree Writers poem – The Best Shop in Paisley

on 24 November 2022 0

The Best Shop in Paisley, written by The Oak Tree Writers Club (ages 12+), Aaron McWilliams, Emily Head, Leo Whaley, Murray McGeoch & Sophie Watt.

Paisley, full of wonderful shops,
But one stands out from all the rest.
Some others think they’re better,
But this one is the best.

I love all of the cakes,
They taste really sweet.
The donuts are my favourite,
But they’re all such a treat.

All the things they sell are great,
But most of all their pie.
They will light up your life,
And without them you would die.

The pastry’s light and fluffy,
It is warm and freshly baked.
Its so scrumptious and delicious,
The happiness can’t be faked.

The best bit is their sausage rolls,
They are just so good!
Their crispy shells just fall apart,
Buy them? I think you should!

There is a place you can go,
Where you should take a trip.
If you’re willing to travel,
To where you can get the freshest drip.

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Oak Tree Writers is a creative writing club for ages six to 21. Each week their writers get together to share their ideas, challenge their imaginations and have plenty of fun. For more information, visit their website. 

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