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Car Park in the Sky by The Braes – Mya Brown reviews

on 6 January 2023 0

Musician and journalist Mya Brown reviews the debut track called Car Park in the Sky by Paisley band, The Braes.

Whether it’s the stunning scenery or the skyline right on your car bonnet, you could ask anybody in Renfrewshire about Car Park in the Sky and they’ll point you to The Gleniffer Braes. So, when 5 piece alternative/indie rock band, The Braes, put the beauty spot onto Spotify, you know I had to listen.  

The Braes have been far from under the radar as they rocked the Paisley scene throughout 2022, packing out venues such as Rocknrolla’s and The Bungalow. Their sound is reminiscent of the likes of early Arctic Monkeys, Inhaler and The Reytons whilst sticking to their strong, Paisley roots. With over 200 monthly listeners in the wake of their debut single, Car Park in the Sky, the sky is the limit for The Braes.

The track kicks off with a punchy bass line which sets us up for the guitar fanfare and crashing cymbals that follow. Hooked at the introduction, the song flows smoothly into the first verse with a constant riff blending with the steady drums and mellow vocals. The chorus is a flurry of energy as the instruments take it to 11 whilst we’re given more pieces to the lyrical story of Car Park in the Sky. 

We hear this formula throughout most of the song, making it a super chill, easy-listening track. However, if you wait through the calm before the storm, you’ll find there’s more than meets the eye. The instrumental starts as a low rumble when that familiar bass line comes back once more. Each instrument blends beautifully as the energy starts to rise. In this moment, the chorus bursts out once more, ending the track on an absolute high. 

Overall, I enjoyed this song a lot! It’s a strong and satisfactory debut. In 2023, The Braes are one to watch! 

Listen to Car Park In The Sky by The Braes here (opens Spotify). Follow them on Instagram.

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