17 January 2022
  • 17 January 2022

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Spree for All programme to take over Renfrewshire

by on 30 September 2021 0
Music-lovers across Renfrewshire are set to enjoy a bumper line-up of great gigs in October with the announcement of this year’s Spree for All programme. Established in recent years as a ‘fringe festival’ to Paisley’s annual The Spree festival, the Spree for All will see events take place in towns and villages throughout Renfrewshire... Read More

The Bungalow – Paisley’s music venue renewed

by on 24 September 2021 0
When live music was placed on pause, The Bungalow underwent a quiet but immensely valuable transformation. Now, Paisley’s preeminent venue is ready to reclaim its prominent place in our cultural landscape.  Although it has taken on many different forms over the years, the moniker of “The Bungalow” is ubiquitous with music in Paisley. First... Read More

The Sound of Renfrewshire: Bensider

by on 1 July 2021 0
From growing up Lewis to making a new home in Renfrewshire, Graham MacIver has a wealth of life experience to divulge. Now, as the frontman of Bensider, he’s channelling it through intimate folk and Americana. You came to songwriting in your 40s. What inspired you to take the leap? I’ve played music since I... Read More

Arbo ‘Settle’ music review by Robert Blair

by on 12 May 2021 0
Although it flew under our radar at time of release, the past few weeks have allowed us to acquaint ourselves with Settle by Paisley-based producer Arbo. A purveyor of hypnotic soundscapes that encapsulate everything from the visionary work of Steve Reich through to Moby‘s creative height and contemporary forces of innovation such as Floating... Read More

The Sound of Renfrewshire: The Deep Shining Sea

by on 10 February 2021 0
Veterans of the scene, we spoke to The Deep Shining Sea’s Stevie Hillcoat about influences, physical copies and Paisley’s musical rebirth. How did the band come together? “Jamie (McLachlan, drums) and I were in a band called Lemonhaze that split in 2017, but we stuck together. I had an album’s worth of demos recorded... Read More

Reigniting the Fire

by on 26 January 2021 0
Although lockdown is taking its toll on Renfrewshire’s musicians, Sma’sh Hits’ New Music Collective is here to keep morale high and ideas ticking over. If there’s any sector that’s been sent into a tailspin by lockdown, it’s the arts. Relieved of the ability to perform, this inability to go out and harness the audience’s... Read More

People: John Rush

by on 1 March 2020 0
Among the country’s most hotly tipped singer/songwriters, get acquainted with Glenburn’s own John Rush. Hailing from Glenburn, have you always had aspirations of being a songwriter? My Mum was into Marc Bolan and my Dad loved Elvis so I grew up with music, but I think it would be hard not to be inspired... Read More
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