19 April 2024
  • 19 April 2024

Get High by Nicola Taylor – single review by Kate Cohen

on 12 January 2023 0

The newest member of our writing team, Kate Cohen, reviews Get High – the latest single from Glasgow-based soul artist Nicola Taylor.

When it comes to emotive songwriting, relationships – good, bad, or otherwise – can be an incredible source of inspiration, for artists and listeners. Whether you’re thinking of Someone You Loved, or looking for Someone Like You, love songs can have you hooked from the very first listen.

A new release from Glasgow-based soul artist Nicola Taylor, Get High, does exactly that.

A soulful ballad, Get High is a rare, honest account of a toxically addictive relationship. Its traditional bluesy progression makes the song feel instantly familiar, while the energetic accompanying guitar brings further depth alongside Nicola’s captivating, but not overstated, vocals.

Lyrically, the opening verse sets the scene perfectly, explaining:

“They say love is a game
Well, I didn’t want to play
I didn’t want to give my heart away,
So, we pushed and pulled, you took it anyway
Nothing I could do or say”

A strong start that packs an immediate punch, my personal favourite line was the emotionally charged bridge to the chorus, where our heroine determines… “I should’ve loved myself more” … me too, Nicola. Me too.

I am of the opinion that Get High could both be comfortably played in a basement jazz club with sweat on the walls and cigarette smoke in the air, and featured on a Bridget Jones soundtrack. A track with a true edge, with the potential for (well deserved) mass appeal. Belted out soon in a shower near you.

Nicola is influenced by a range of soul artists, which means it is not surprising that Get High would not be out of place besides the likes of Amy Winehouse and Joss Stone. But it would be fair to say it is inspiration – not imitation.

Having been singing since the age of 7, releasing her first single at 14, and working as a vocal coach when not performing her own music, Nicola has ample experience to put her own stamp on the genre.

Get High is the first track released from Nicola’s upcoming EP, a recording in progress. If the rest of the tracks follow in its lead, it will be one to listen out for in the coming months.

You can listen to Get High by Nicola Taylor on Spotify, or follow her on Facebook. More music here.

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