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Subtopian Planning Board – ‘Outsiders Hymn’ review by Mya Brown

on 21 January 2022 0

Subtopian Planning Board isn’t a name I thought I would hear but it’s one that has burned its way into my brain recently. After releasing singles such as ‘Age of Anxiety’ and ‘Casa Del Árbol’ way back in 2020, this experimental Paisley outfit hit the ground running with their single ‘Outsiders Hymn’ back in October of last year.

Penned for the outsiders and warmly received by new fans, ‘Outsiders Hymn’ is rooted with pride about being who you are and woven with infectiously stunning soundscape instrumentals. However, Subtopian Planning Board isn’t just a band of well-versed music lovers, they’ve grown to be so much more!

Over time, they’ve created their own unique sound that resonates with listeners,old and new. The stark contrast of lively guitars and moody vocals is what sets them apart — but what else do we know? The band’s visuals are creative and colourful, channeling inspiration from collage works and the world around us.

It’s rare and exciting seeing such original concepts, even more so when used as effectively as SPB use them. Their music strikes a chord, and when something strikes a chord, it strikes gold. That’s exactly what I see for the success of Subtopian Planning Board in the new year! ‘Outsider Hymn’ builds up effectively and cruises into an energetic chorus.

A punchy bass line drives the tune, while the drums act as the complimenting driving force. With this stable and creative backbone, each instrument is free to explore and that is key in the crafting of their soundscapes.

So, if you’re ever feeling isolated, misunderstood or you’re looking for an escape, Subtopian Planning Board are well equipped to bring a whole new musical dimension to you! Experience Subtopian Planning Board ‘Outsiders Hymn’ here.

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