17 April 2024
  • 17 April 2024

Sasha Kaloheris – The Sound of Renfrewshire

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Mill Magazine catches up with Houston-based singer/songwriter Sasha Kaloheris to discuss her musical journey so far

How did you first get involved in music? Was it a lifelong passion? 

I’ve always been heavily involved in music and I danced from a very young age. My sister and I used to compete in dancing until I was 14-15 and on top of that, I was always involved in musical theatre.

I was always confident and loved being onstage. When I was 13, I went to an open night in King Tuts. At that point, I was still just singing to backing tracks but soon, I stopped dancing and focused on that. My neighbour gave me his guitar to try it out and within days, I went out and bought one. 

What prompted you to start writing songs?

I honestly couldn’t stop when I started. The first song I ever wrote was called “I’m Done” and it’s hilarious looking back at it, why did I have so much beef? (laughs) I would pretend I was going upstairs to do my own homework when really, I was writing like two songs a day.

Have you been writing recently? 

I’m going through a big transitional period. I’m still enjoying writing and I’ve been working with some other people. I’m basically collecting ideas until I can have something of my own again. In the past, it felt like some of my songs came from an immature place. Now I’m changing up my sound. 

Who are some of your biggest influences?

Definitely Holly Humberstone. Watching her come from supporting Lewis Capaldi a few years to now finding her own sound has been great. Sam Fender too, I always love the meaning behind his songs. 

Have you been gigging much lately?

These days, I’ve been playing a lot in Haus Glasgow. It’s interesting, since I left school, I’ve been getting asked to perform in all these places where I always wanted to (laughs). I’m just trying to reestablish myself. I don’t think I’ll be dropping any new music this year, I want to think the whole thing through – it’s not a race. Whatever happens, it’ll be a big leap from the music I made before. 

The Scottish music scene is thriving right now, as is Renfrewshire’s. How does it feel to be a part of that?

It’s like one huge community really. Growing up around that really benefitted me as it makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger. It’s felt that way since I was a child and it still does. 

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