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People: Emily Trotter

on 1 September 2019 0

Hailing from Linwood, we spoke to modelling prospect Emily Trotter about her journey.

How did you get started in the modelling industry?

It began at 15 when I was scouted by Elite Modelling agency. At the time I wasn’t the age they were looking for so they were unable to sign me. My dad had read success stories from Colours Agency in the papers so I walked into their offices at 17 and was offered a contract on the spot. 

As someone from a small town in Renfrewshire, did you find that it was harder to get your foot in the door?

Coming from a small area like Linwood didn’t negatively impact my career. Models come from everywhere and I actually know a couple of successful Colours clients from Johnstone. 

Given the community’s storied involvement in fashion, are you excited to represent the area?

Yes I am! I know that people in my community will be so supportive and proud. I’m aware of some of the heritage so to have the opportunity to represent it on a bigger stage would be a dream. 

With such a pedigree of nurturing talents, is it exciting to have the prestigious Colours Agency tout you as one to watch?

Colours are my mother agency and they have my best interests at heart. They always make sure that every model is looked after. I’m eager to explore future opportunities and knowing that Colours believe I have potential gives me a lot of confidence.

You recently inked a deal with Elite Models, the “leading model management” company on the planet. What was your reaction?

I couldn’t believe it! Colours had encouraged me to go to London and set up the appointment. When they said they wanted to sign me, I was completely overwhelmed with joy and disbelief.

What are your ultimate career goals that you wish to accomplish?

I would love to see more of the world in my modelling career, get international opportunities such as [New York] Fashion Week and work with big brands in the UK and further afield. 

Quickfire Q&A

Favourite place in Renfrewshire? Barshaw Park on a sunny day

Best place for dinner? Nando’s, Linwood

Best place for lunch? Jam Jar, Paisley

Best place to meet friends? The Lane in Paisley, it has a great atmosphere

Follow Emily’s Instagram @emilytrots. Emily Trotter @ Colours Agency. This interview was published in Mill issue 7 September/October 2019.

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