15 August 2022
  • 15 August 2022

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People: Emily Trotter

by on 1 September 2019 0
Hailing from Linwood, we spoke to modelling prospect Emily Trotter about her journey. How did you get started in the modelling industry? It began at 15 when I was scouted by Elite Modelling agency. At the time I wasn’t the age they were looking for so they were unable to sign me. My dad... Read More

Uncovering Lost Renfrewshire

by on 1 July 2019 0
Go deeper underground in the company of urban historian Stephen Clancy, as he takes us on a fascinating journey through time.  The hidden gems of Renfrewshire’s past are mostly hidden beneath our feet, never to be seen again. However, in some cases such as Paisley Abbey’s magnificent Medieval Drain, currently under excavation once again,... Read More