27 May 2024
  • 27 May 2024

Gary Chittick captures the beauty of Renfrewshire

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Award-winning photographer and regular Mill Magazine contributor Gary Chittick showcases incredible landscape images taken in our beautiful region

Gary Chittick

A. Bascule Bridge, Renfrew ©Gary Chittick

A. The Bascule Bridge in Renfrew is the only remaining rolling lift bridge in the country.

Gary Chittick

B. Mile End Mill in Paisley at sunrise ©Gary Chittick

B. Early starts but it’s not Morocco, it’s the Mile End Mill in Paisley at sunrise. One of the many legacy buildings that maintain a visible link to Paisley’s world-famous threadmaking and weaving heritage. 

Gary Chittick

C. Russell Institute, Paisley ©Gary Chittick

C. A DEO SALUS – Health comes from God. The massive bronze figure of a protective angel guarding the young in its arms sits above the entrance of category A-listed Russell Institute on the corner of New Street and Causeyside Street in Paisley. It opened in 1927 as a child welfare clinic.

Gary Chittick

D. Caldermill Falls in Lochwinnoch ©Gary Chittick

Gary Chittick

E. Castle Semple in Lochwinnoch ©Gary Chittick

D. The powerful sound of water and the rich colours of caramel at the Caldermill Falls in Lochwinnoch.

E. Space weather, terrestrial weather and nocturnal activities are right up my street, this aurora was captured over Castle Semple in Lochwinnoch. 

Gary Chittick

F. Comet over Paisley Abbey ©Gary Chittick

F. Comet Neowise as she reached her closest point to Earth. It’ll be 6,800 years before we see her again in our skies and I wonder what Earth will look like then. This single exposure image shows the tower of our 12th century Paisley Abbey with the comet around 106 million kilometres further away.

Oliphant Court in Paisley

G. Oliphant Court in Paisley ©Gary Chittick

G. Paisley’s Oliphant Court apartments as they ascend above the gloom and enjoy a unique view above the sea of fog. Even more spectacular than Edinburgh Castle in the fog, Paisley and Renfrewshire never fail to inspire.

H. Fog Over Paisley ©Gary Chittick

H. Paisley once again shrouded in fog.

I. Gleniffer Braes in Paisley ©Gary Chittick

J. Anchor One in Paisley ©Gary Chittick

I. The resident highland cattle on the Gleniffer Braes, Renfrewshire looking towards Ben Lomond. A cracking part of town for walking and for panoramic views around our northern skyline. 

J. The historic 19th century Anchor One building joined by electric blue noctilucent clouds at 250,000ft and a 4.6 billion year old comet.

K. Semple Trail in Lochwinnoch ©Gary Chittick

K. Looking out towards Castle Semple Loch through the viewpoint on one of Chris Bramall’s Semple Trail sculptures in Lochwinnich. 

Gary Chittick

L. Craigie Linn Falls in Paisley ©Gary Chittick

L. The Craigie Linn Falls in Paisley are probably the most spectacular but often overlooked falls in the town. All I can say is the sound as well as the sight is incredible when they are in full flow.

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