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Eye-tech: Technology puts eye health in focus at Specsavers Paisley

on 2 November 2021 0

With the eye health of its local community firmly in sight, Specsavers Paisley is proud to feature eye-tech which can help to identify some sight-threatening conditions up to four years earlier than a standard eye test.

The Moss Street store can now provide customers with an OCT (optical coherence tomography) scan, which can help detect treatable eye conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and glaucoma. 

The scan, which only takes a few seconds, allows an optician to look deeper into the eyes than ever before.

Given that nearly half of all sight loss is preventable*, an OCT scan means conditions can be managed before they get worse and can help prevent potential sight loss.

Store director, Amy Chotai, says: “OCT technology means that our team has the ability to enhance the services to the local community by helping to detect and manage eye conditions at an earlier stage, with a level of diagnostic capability which previously would have required a hospital visit.

“The equipment is especially important as we continue to navigate our way through the pandemic and will enable us to help ease the pressure on the NHS even more rather than having to refer customers to hospital for an OCT scan.”  

An OCT scan uses light to take more than 1,000 images of the back of the eye and beyond, looking right back to the optic nerve and creating a cross-section view. 

A customer’s OCT images will be stored so their optician can note changes over time – a real benefit to the monitoring of someone’s overall eye health.

OCT scans are available for £10 in addition to an NHS-funded eye examination and can be requested when booking an appointment.

To book an eye test at the Paisley store, call 0141 848 9192 or visit the website.

*Source: RNIB and Specsavers State of the Nation Report – Eye Health September 2016
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