15 April 2024
  • 15 April 2024

Black is the Colour by Seamus Connolly book review

on 24 November 2022 0

Black is the Colour by Seamus Connolly reviewed by local councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes.

In Black is the Colour, we meet lawyer Cal Lynch as he returns to Scotland, three decades after fleeing as a child in the wake of the brutal murder of his father by a gangster on the streets of Glasgow. Cal is back for revenge and retribution, and, suffice to say, he has every detail planned.


Set in Glasgow and Paisley across both the 80s and in the present day, this gripping debut from Connolly is a tartan noir gem. Murder, revenge, and unexpected love, not to mention razor sharp social commentary on life amid Thatcher’s Britain make this a perfect read for an autumn night.

The setting could feel a wee bit too grim, but the characteristically dark humour of the West of Scotland runs through the narrative. Plus, Connolly’s characters are written with such realism that they feel like people we know, or, at the very least, have read about in the newspapers. 

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