27 May 2024
  • 27 May 2024

Back to shopping on the high street and in the shopping centres

on 13 August 2021 0

Our third feature in partnership with RAMH takes a look at getting back to shopping in public.

For many of us shopping has been an online activity during lockdown.  It isn’t at all surprising that the thought of a trip to the retail park, or high street, might make you feel anxious.

  • The retail experience will feel different. Shops, on the high street or in a shopping centre, have to comply with covid regulations.  This will make your shopping experience different to that you had before the pandemic. Don’t let the changes unsettle you, everyone will feel them, it isn’t ‘just you’.
  • Covid regulations mean less customers allowed in store, and this will mean queues for some stores. If you don’t like queuing think about when you go shopping, aim for times shops may be less busy.
  • It’s likely that  you won’t be able to try something on unless you’re definitely buying it, and cosmetics counters can’t allow people to try samples. This might be frustrating but it will help minimise covid risk. 
  • Retail staff have been through the pandemic too. Patience and kindness will help make a shopping trip a more enjoyable experience for you and the staff serving you.


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Photo by Kayla Speid on Unsplash

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