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Afters at Little Dessert Shop

on 1 November 2019 0

Afflicted with a notorious craving for all things confectionary, our designer Paul Dickson and the family found no shortage of decadent delights at Soar’s most mouth-watering attraction. 

I’ve never hankered for cheese and biscuits after dinner, I am 100% a pudding kinda guy. I have an insatiable sweet tooth, as does my partner Theresa and our two children, Evan (age 8) and Holly (age 2). Therefore, a trip to Little Dessert Shop at Braehead was the perfect family outing.

A family-run franchise that is designed around their own scrumptious recipes, they boast 21 stores across the UK but we visited their sole location in Scotland. 

The restaurant itself is stylish and contemporary, to the extent that Theresa remarked that it could be a champagne bar. Swathed in an ambiance of glamour and luxury, uplifting music fills the unique gelataria as the anticipation builds.

The menu is comprehensive to say the least, think of any dessert you could desire and it’s accounted for. I like fruit in my desserts, so I picked the Strawberry Sensation (£6.95) which was a large waffle smothered in milk chocolate, fresh strawberries, cream and gelato. Suffice to say, it was absolutely delicious.

Theresa opted for the Sweet Addiction Cheesecake (£4.50), comprised of a Lotus Biscoff biscuit cheesecake, salted caramel sauce and biscuit pieces. Optimised for her tastes, she loved every spoonful.

One look at the photo of the Kids Special (£4.95), and the two wee ones jumped out their seats. This creation consisted of two scoops of gelato, bubblegum and raspberry sauce, hundreds and thousands, Smarties and a cone.

Excited that they had the chance to customise by picking their own ice cream, they rushed to the counter to select from sixteen different flavours. Then Marta, our waitress, asked them if they’d like to try any of the flavours before they ordered. You should have seen their faces! They were very thorough before committing to their final choices. The Kids Special was perfect for both of them, apart from the occasional drips and spillages, nothing was wasted. Says it all.

Tailor-made for a family excursion, we came with the intention of indulging and we certainly achieved that. The kids were properly looked after and the service and staff were excellent. What more could you want?

Little Dessert Shop, XSite Braehead, King’s Inch Road, Glasgow, PA4 8XQ. This review was published in Mill issue 8 November/December 2019.

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