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Transform Your Garden with a range of ideas from Kike Pawlik

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As balmy temperatures seep in, our interiors editor Kike Pawlik provides a host of ideas to transform your garden.

We all love summer, enjoying the warm weather and long evenings outside. Don’t we all miss enjoying quality time in the fresh air?

Maybe it is time to migrate from our comfortable couches and spend our summer evenings outdoors. For all intents and purposes, the garden is an extension of the living room.

It embraces the narrative of the area we live in. It is very important to feel connected to the garden setting. With that in mind, don’t underestimate the healing power of a relaxing and peaceful moment in this space.

Whether it is a large back garden or a small terrace, make it magical with clusters of lovely lanterns, fairy lights, cosy furniture and some green plants or fresh flowers surrounding your seating area.

Within it, create a temporary space for dining and relaxing. This is the place where you can come out with a coffee and catch the morning sun or enjoy a dinner with your family.

Transform Your Garden

Rattan corner sofa, £3,599 cuckooland.com

Rattan sofa, £499, cuckooland

Rattan sofa, £499, cuckooland.com

Make full use of patio space with a compact L-shaped or corner sofa and benches. In addition, bringing indoor furniture outdoors will add an air of sophistication to your garden while bistro tables and chairs are just perfect for small gardens.

Wooden, traditional furniture is always a good choice, enabling its natural tones to harmonise with the surroundings.

However, it doesn’t mean that there’s only one option, as you can add some individuality and character to the garden setting by bringing some vibrant colours. Give your old furniture a new look with a coat of outdoor paint.

Transform Your Garden

Cushion, £7, George Home

Transform Your Garden

Terracotta pot, £6.99, TKMaxx

A palette of peach, bright aqua, lavender or natural wood finish will give you a tranquil, French-style patio. Plant flowers and herbs in terracotta pots.

Choose a mix of shapes, but stick to natural materials for an eclectic but co-ordinated and cosy look. You can easily create a focal point by placing ornaments or pots made from Corten weathering steel that beautifully reflect natural light.

Transform Your Garden

String lights, £26.99, lights4fun.co.uk

Set of two chairs from Marks & Spencer

Set of two chairs, £199, Marks & Spencer

By doing so, it stands out against any other materials and works well with a natural wood such as oak or sandstone paving. To bring some variety and creativity, don’t hold on to traditional floor standing pots only.

Instead, hanging baskets or a living wall are great ways to extend small garden spaces by adding vertical interest. Design an atmospheric space by adding outdoor lighting.

Extra light will create an oasis of comfort and calm. You can drape the fairy lights or string lights on a fence or wall or, alternatively, make a canopy by stringing them back and forth.

Firebowl from nest.co.uk

Firebowl, £398, nest.co.uk

Outdoor lantern

Outdoor lantern, £36.99, lights4fun.co.uk

For a more stylish look, you can opt for an ornamental solar lamp that will bring a warm glow to the decking. Use natural fabrics for a casual look.

Adding some oversized floor cushions, table linen and napkins will make the scenery feel inviting and they’re ideal for bringing a bit of colour.

As the hours tick by, throws, blankets and cushions will all keep you warm when the sun goes down. A garden is the ideal place to escape the stresses and strains of life.

After all, we all deserve to get some serenity. With that in mind, let’s heed the wise words of Ben E King’s Spanish Harlem and “pick that rose and watch her as she grows in my garden”. As when you look after your garden, your garden looks after you.

Kike Pawlik is a Paisley-based interior design student at The Glasgow School of Art. Follow her on Instagram. Prices correct at time of publishing.

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